Friday, September 9, 2011

REBOOT / Mainframe Entertainment - 1994

Welcome to Friday Battle Of The Guitars with Tabonga, featuring Megabyte and Bob from an episode of the Canadian produced REBOOT. For it's time, this show was a lot of fun to watch...

REBOOT was one of the world's first totally computer generated series. It's about the characters and adventures within a computerized world where there's a constant battle between good and evil forces. Every computer term known to man is used! Characters include Dot Matrix, her little brother Enzo, thousands of friendly robotic binomes, viruses Megabyte and sister Hexadecimal, and, Guardian Bob, sent from the Net to protect the citizens. Together, they must prevent Megabyte from taking control of the computer systems. Also, they are regularly inserted into video games whenever the user is playing.

There is no telling who the dueling guitarists are in the soundclip. One thing is sure, though, they can kick some ass...

It's time to bring in our littlest Dungeon Helper and button pusher, Rufus The Gnat!.. He's so happy because he loves the show, REBOOT! So's, wif'out further adieu, push the big red 'GO' button, now, Rufus! Here's some great guitar work... REBOOT!

Dot and bionome Emma are auditioning 'talent' for Dot's brother Enzo's surprise birthday bash.

Thing is, bionomes can do really cool stuff, but, they ain't real smart. For example, this acrobatics team, the one bionome catapults the other one so hard, it never comes down!!..

And, they can take that 'cute' thing way too far!

A lackey reports to Megabyte that there's auditions going on for Enzo's surprise birthday event. That gives the big virus an idea...

On the other side of the city, Bob has been distracting Enzo with fun and games, but, after five hours straight, Enzo's had enough.

A group that resembles The Village People opens the show. There's also a reference to Dire Straits!

Good thing about bionomes, they don't need chairs!

Megabyte crashes the show with some hot heavy metal licks!

He turns his amp up to 11!.. Everyone, get down, cover your ears!!

There's no way that Bob's gonna let this virus threat go unchallenged!

Glitch... B F G!

Hack and Slash pick up the beat with their rotating drum sets!

You think that's good? Check this out, sucker!..

One good riff diserves another!

I can do anything you can do, better!

And, the crowd goes wild!

Personally, I give the edge to Megabyte.

I've always wanted to do that! Heh, heh, heh...

Megabyte hands his guitar to Enzo... Happy birthday!!

The virus leaves in his 100 foot 'stretch' limo!!

Ladies and gentlemen, Megabyte has left the building!..


Prof. Grewbeard said...

CGI at this stage of the game was just plain scary. Megabyte is cool though with his green B.C. Rich Warlock!

Michael Stewart said...

I used to watch this show too, and quite enjoyed the humour in it. :) And the guitar battle DID rock! LOL

*^_^* said...

Wonderful! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love (yes, I still do) Reboot. I went so far as to purchase a couple VHS cassettes from a fan in Canada because it was hard to find in the desert. Thought this episode was a bit cheesier than most but listening to the music has brought a smile to my lips. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Reboot rocks the TV world.
I cannot believe there are only 2 dvds of the last 2 deasons of 5.
I bought them used and have never seen them anywhere.
I have most every other episodes on VHS.

Just like Lilo and Stitch which has adult humor and very high production values they are nott availible.
Thanks Vince

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