Friday, September 16, 2011

OUTER LIMITS / Season 1, Episode 13: Tourist Attraction - 1963

Welcome to Friday Night Sci-Fi TV with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Our offering tonite was one of the very best episodes of the OUTER LIMITS series, well written, great cast, solid acting and excellent monsters!

The music is by Robert Van Eps, after this, Robert went on to compose music for VIVA LAS VEGAS, LOOKING FOR LOVE, THE MAN FROM BUTTON WILLOW, GIRL HAPPY, MADE IN PARIS and SPINOUT.

Letz bring in our littlest of all Dungeon helpers and button pushers. The one... The only... Rufus The Gnat! And, according to the atomic clock on the wall, itz time to start our show. Push the big red 'GO' button there in front of you, now, Rufus!! Here's... TOURIST ATTRACTION!

The story's about the capture of a legendary, ancient monster in a Latin American lake. An American adventurer wants glory and fame, the country's general wants an influx of tourists.

The American expedition in search of scientific fame is using the very latest tracking and identification equipment to see what they can discover in the mysterious lake.

Because of his role as Mike Hammer in the awesome film, KISS ME DEADLY, Ralph Meeker will always have a special place in The Dungeon's heart. Ralph plays wealthy Norteamericano, John Dexter, here he is testing his expensive new toys.

Dexter is no weenie, he leads the underwater team, and, has an encounter with something unknown!

Nice portrait of Ralph.

Dexter tells the local police captain about the strange thing he saw at the bottom of the lake.

All the locals join in their annual celebration which includes plenty of fireworks! Oh, and skeletons!!

Henry Silva plays the banana republic general. Lots of free Banana Daiquiris for everyone! (Tabonga's deathly alergic to bananas!)

Dexter and the general compare notes on what each would like to see come from the discovery of an unknown creature at the bottom of the lake.

They go back down looking for the mysterious creature. Eventually, they find it and use a net to render the thing helpless and under their control.

This... Is... So... Embarrassing!!!..

The local professor lets everbloody know that they have captured a prehistoric creature called an Ichthyosaur.

The two men who have to keep watch over the captured prehistoric monster start hearing strange voices in their heads.

Yo momma iz sooooo ugly!..

The men are helpless to resist the creature's stinging one-liners!

I got a special mental delivery just for you, puny human scum!!

Ejole, cabrones!!..

Out of the corner of my mind, I was thinking that Professor Arivello was being played by Michael Marks, but, I was wrong. This is Jay Novello, who also had a busy career in TV and film with 198 acting credits.

John and his wife, played by Janet Blair, watch in terror as the Ichthyosaurs start coming onto land...

John tries deturring the creatures with a machine gun, but, the bullets just bounce off!

Not until they release the captured Ichthyosaur do the things peacefully retreat back into the water. This series always had a morality thought at the end of each episode. The message was generally... Man is an inherent ass hole! Artists excluded.

I got this copy from an OUTER LIMITS marathon on good old TNT back in the early nineties...


Christopher said...

I'll watch Outer Limits late night here along with Sea Hunt and Mr. Ed on "THIS"network on weeknights frequently,they show this one alot..

Exeter said...

Woo Hoo!
I've got all the currently released DVDs. but they are fairly crappy double sided things, and some won't even play! We demand a superior release now ! Join me in this fight!
Thanks for your post!

prof. grewbeard said...

Ralph Meeker and Henry Silva are both supercool but this episode feels more like 50s sci-fi than an Outer Limits episode to me, 'cept for those supercool monsters.

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Monster Music
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