Friday, August 5, 2011

TALES OF TOMORROW / The Fury Of The Cocoon - 1953

Welcome to Friday Night Sci-Fi TV with your host Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. I thought I'd follow our last post with another TV episode from classic science fiction television, this time though, from ten years earlier and this side of the pond...

Flip the switch, now, Igor!

Bobby Christian and Irving Robbin are credited for the original music. Irving also worked on some CAPTAIN VIDEO episodes.

If it's Friday, well, that means it's time to bring in our littlest Dungeon pet and button pusher, Rufus The Gnat!!.. Rufus sez he's been lifting his lil' weight and is ready to start our show! So, push the big red 'GO' button, now, Rufus!! Here's!.. THE FURY OF THE COCOON!

A scientific expedition at a meteorite impact site in the jungle disappears, so, a relief team arrives at the camp to see what has happened. That's Borden, Brenegan and their native porter there in the back.

The lone survivor, Susan, tells them that they were attacked by invisible insect-like creatures that came out of a meteorite!!

Borden and Brenegan find the meteorite under a cover inside the hut. Weird, looks like it has roots!

Susan needs to catch up on her beauty rest!..

Brenegan reads in the journal that they made a plaster cast of the thing!

And, they find it!..

With a little imagination, you can see a similarity to the Martians in QUATERMASS AND THE PIT!

Nothing like a big old close-up of perspiration. The lights were probably that hot!

In the fifties, if you couldn't understand or handle a situation, there was only one solution...

One question, doc!.. How the Hell do you shoot something if you can't see it?..

Okay, okay, we get the picture! Yes, the invisible creature is choking you!.. They used the same gimmick in THE SOUND OF HORROR. I told Eegah!! one time that it'd be fun to make a comedy with an invisible monster!

Susan throws Brenegan the rope there, then, off camera, you hear him struggle with the creature for a while. Finally, cut back to Brenegan, the invisible monster is now all tied up and restrained on the bed!.. That's how cheaply they had to do things back then!

I don't care how much you pretend (it wiggles), you'll never convince me that there's a killer insect monster like the plaster cast securely tied up in that rope there!

Portrait of our little monster!

The next Tale Of Tomorrow we review will have a man-eating plant!!


Glynnis Chestpeign said...

The title card and pulp are very cool! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this an episode that didn't get released to DVD by Wade Williams?

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Monster Music
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