Monday, August 1, 2011

BRIDE OF THE MONSTER In Color / Rolling M. Productions - 1955

Welcome to Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Let's start the month with a colorized version of Ed Wood's classic schlockenstein starring Bela Lugosi and Tor Johnson. We posted this title previously, but, never like this!..

The music is by Frank Worth. Frank also did 36 episodes of THE ROY ROGERS SHOW and a Daniel Boone episode for WALT DISNEY'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR. This was his first project.

Lettuce bring in or fuzzy little button pusher, Ralphie The Tarantula! So, might as well get the old show started, push the big red 'GO' button there in front of you now, Ralphie! Here's... BRIDE OF THE MONSTER In Color!

Didn't you hear me?!.. You're not welcome here!! Sic 'em, Lobo!

Dr. Vornoff admires his goofy looking pet monster... He's thinking about naming it, Jojo!

While one unwelcomed stranger wrassles with the monster, Lobo grabs the other one to take back to the lab for some laffs!

Lobo takes a lot of pride in his work and very carefully aligns the gamma ray lens for maximum effectivness...

Aww, heck!.. He moved!!

This is funny to me, showing a black and white newspaper in a colorized movie posting!

Wow, who dresses this guy?!.. Here's Billy Benedict as the newsboy, Billy plays Whitey in one of our all time favorite flicks with The Bowery Boys and Glenn Strange, MASTER MINDS!!

Here's Paul Marco and busty Loretta King as Officer Kelton and feisty reporter, Janet Lawton.

This is how they did breast exams back in the fifties! Okay miss, just try and relax, it may tickle a bit...

Here's Lt. Craig and Det. Martin, out looking for the missing Miss Lawton. Very cool squad car, not sure what the Hell it is, though.

This was one of Harvey B. Dunn's better roles, bird lover, Capt. Tom Robbins. He was also in THE KETTLES ON OLD MACDONALD'S FARM, NIGHT OF THE GHOULS, TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE, THE SINISTER URGE and DEADWOOD '76.

Prof. Strowski finally locates the house of his countryman... That's an interesting looking miniature there, looks like SPOOK JOINT!

Vornoff ain't that thrilled to see Strowski, so, he feeds him to his pet!

Vornoff uses the Vulcan love clutch to communicate with his atomic bride to be. It's amazing how many little awkward moments that stupid colander creates!

Bela shows Tony who the boss is on the set.

Lobo revolts because he wants to marry Janet! Get it? Bride Of The Monster...

Lobo turns the table on Vornoff, so, the crazy old scientist gets a little of his own medicine. But, guess what, he doesn't die like all the others!..

He's now 7'6" tall and is a formidible opponent for Lobo!

He destroys Lobo and the lab, then grabs Janet and takes her out into the countryside.

Tony gets to show off his manly tatoo!

Here are two great stills for your enjoyment!!

Some days, you just get tangled up in your own crap!

You can see how Eddie tries to tie these two events together. People at the very first atomic blast in 1945 said that the eerie looking colors mixed in with the fireball were orange, green and violet, all secondary colors.

He tampered in God's domain (said that in my last post, too). I'm pretty sure that you shouldn't stand that close to an atomic explosion!


Anonymous said...

Great post!

Richard said...

One of these days I want to collect stills of all these newspapers that appear in movies. It would be fun to try and read all the articles! For example, in the newspaper here, what is going on in that map?

Exeter said...

Another incredible post and analysis!
There should be a book of these!

zillagord said...

I think you spelled "domain" correctly in that last post. Not that I am prefect or anything ;)

Actually, the muff kinda goes with the one-shot aesthetic of this pic-- kinda like the "harmless as kitchen" line!

TABONGA! said...

Thanks Z, gettin' old, ya know...

zillagord said...

Yeah, there's a lotta rings on that trunk!

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