Monday, August 22, 2011

I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE / Paramount Pictures - 1958

Welcome to Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. It's always great, on Mondays, when the word 'monster' is in the title of the movie we're reviewing! Here's an updated version of a previous post...

Pretty cool Mexican lobby card! The budget for this classic sci-fi flick was a whopping $175,000!! It shows, I think a few of the Corman budgets were only like $30,000 each.

One tagline reads... Shuddery things from beyond the stars, here to breed with human women! The other sez... The bride wore terror!

No mention of who did the music. There's a cool tune playing in the bar scene, but, no clue as to by who, so, boo hoo hoo...

It's time to bring in our fuzzy little fiend and Dungeon helper, sure 'nuf, its... Ralphie The Tarantula! Ralphie's raring to go, so, lettuce start the show! Push that big red 'GO' button right in front of you, now, Ralphie! Here's!.. I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE!

Here's the girls talking about their favorite subject, what else... SEX! Then, on the other hand, you got the guys at the table, getting lit and loudly telling their favorite fart jokes.

Bill leaves the fun early, he wants to get home and hit the sack, he's getting married tomorrow!

Hey, is that something in the road?..

Everything happens fast, but, if you look at this dummy closely, you will notice that it's extremely weird looking!!.. He got all up in my grill!

It's the old bait and switcheroonie... Bill turns around and meets his new soul mate, then, he gets gassed real good!

Bill's late for his own wedding and bride-to-be, Marge, is having a cow! Gloria Talbott was also in THE CYCLOPS, DAUGHTER OF DR. JEKYLL and THE LEECH WOMAN. Her grandfather was the co-founder of Glendale, CA.

Tom Tryon plays Marge's husband, Tom was in Disney's MOON PILOT.

One of the creepiest parts from the movie, Bill shows the audience his monster side!!

The aliens start recruiting Bill's friends, that way, they can stay in communication and mingle in public with each other without drawing attention to themselves.

One night, Marge follows Bill into the woods and gets to see more than she really wanted to!

She runs to the only place open, the bar. They laugh and mock her when she tells her story, and, the sleazeball with the hat, I swear, is looking at her boobs the whole time!

Here's a familiar face, John Eldredge! He play's her godfather and Police Captain, so, of course, he's one of them!!

DAMN, GLORIA!!.. No wonder the girl's frustrated! This flim was promoted as adult sci-fi.

Bar owner Max asks the alien guys how come they're actin' like ghouls lately and ain't buyin' his liquor?.. They tell him to mind his own business! Max is played by ex-boxer, Max 'Slapsie Maxie' Rosenbloom. His voice is replicated for Pelican, the cat in the Merrie Molodies' cartoon classic, Tuffy's Tavern, written by Michael Maltese, directed by Chuck Jones... Mouse Knuckles!

Max breaks his knuckles on Bill's chin, he's flabbergasted... The bar fly tells him that he's lost his touch!

What, this dizzy broad wants a dollie after the store's closed?!..

Once the people figure out what's going on in their town, they go searching for the aliens in the woods. And, they find 'em!!

The townspeople shoot away, but, it seems to have no effect! The things just absorb the bullets.

The German Shepherds that were brought along attack the aliens and effectively sever the large veins in their necks. But, beware the sting of their disintegration ray!

Good shots of this unique looking, shocking alien monster. That metallic thing in it's mouth always seemed a little out of place, though.

They locate the room with all the hanging bodies of the real versions of the guys who were.. the ones.. that.. got... Hell, you know what I'm tryin' to say!

This is Corporal Zinglethorp calling Supreme Leader Punchy, in space... Dude, they got German Shepherds, abort mission! Repeat, abort mission!!!

Aww... Heck!! Carol, could you bring me the paper towels!

Well, I tried to warn you about those chili burritos, but, would you listen to me? Hell, no!!.. Wowerzs, look how they lit Gloria!

Why was he holding his stomach? And, for that matter, did he even have a stomach?!

The monsters retreat back into outer space... Game over, man!.. Game over!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

i loved this movie so much as a kid that i had my dad help me make a replica of their raygun out of wood, spray paint and tinkertoy parts. and how about those vomiting shirts and sleeves!

"don't know about you guys but i'm enjoying this body..."(or words to that effect)

Christopher said...

as J Carrol Nash in The House Of Frankenstein,would say.."give me Talbot's body"
Always liked this delivers the goods..

Greg Goodsell said...

Star Tom Tyron would go on to even greater fame as the author of the classic horror novel THE OTHER. It was made into a film, and you should ocover that one in a future installment.

*^_^* said...

Wonderful! Fantastic!

Kev D. said...

The shot of the old guy with the MUSCLE face makes me think that Carpenter liked this movie, and drew some inspiration from it for his Roddy Piper fueled epic, They Live.

Nice post.

Exeter said...

Holy Crap!
What a great picture! One of my all time favorites... Nothing personal, of course..

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