Monday, May 30, 2011

HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND / Pacemaker Pictures - 1965

Welcome to our Monster Monday post with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Tonite we gots a real wild 'n' wooly Dungeon Reprise fer ya'll.

So, get ready, here's the history of this crazy little flick... It's a West German film titled EIN TOTER HING IM NETZ, or, BODY IN THE WEB, and was shot in Nicola, Yugoslavia. It was released in German in West Germany in 1960 and included nude swimming scenes with the girls, and, was 89 minutes in length. It was distributed in the US, dubbed in English (weird, it looks like they're all speaking English!) in 1962, and titled, IT'S HOT IN PARADISE, with nude scenes intact. In 1965 it was retitled and rereleased in the US as HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND with the nudity omitted and ran for 77 minutes. It's also known as A CORPSE HANGS IN THE WEB, THE SPIDER'S WEB and GIRLS OF SPIDER ISLAND. Then, it was lost for years! A print was luckily discovered in an eccentric's vault in Europe (in the eighties I believe), or, it might have been lost forever!!!.. DAMN!!

The music is by Karl Bette and Willy Mattes, Willie also worked on another wild German flick, THE HEAD. The music really swings at times, you know, stuff that goes along with a bunch of half naked chicks running all over the place!..

Lettuce bring in our littlest Dungeon helper and big red 'GO' button pusher, der ein und nur, Rufus The Gnat!!.. Hooray for Rufus! So, on with the show! Rufus, hit the button! Here's... HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND!

Let's see her dance!.. Whoa, I said dance!

They use horrible stock footage of a burning plane going down with cuts of screaming dames to tie it together. The plane slams into the ocean so hard that nobloody could have possibly survived... Next thing you know, they're all in a life raft, complaining!!

This part where the girls find fresh water to cure their thirst cracks me up! It looks like director Fritz Böttger told them to eat it!

Chickie-poos, I don't know why you're all cracking up, I jus' wanted to show you this new dance I came up with! Check it out, I call it... The Spider Web Twist! Pretty wild, yeah?!

Alex D'Arcy plays manager Gary Webster. Alex was also in WAY... WAY OUT and BLOOD OF DRACULA'S CASTLE. Here, he gets the message from an insinuating brush of the boobs!

Let's face it, this was a damn good looking monster for 1959, the year it was filmed!

And, this part has the feel of ALIEN, as the thing holds on and bites Gary's neck! It takes him awhile to get it off.

One of my favorite scenes is when they all go looking for their boss, yelling.. Ga-ry... Oh, Ga-ry! for like 5 minutes!

Hey, BooBoo!.. I found Gary!!

The sexual tension is so thick, you could cut it with a catfight!!

Leave it up to old Gary to ruin the fun!.. Love Bab's hair!

Here's one for all the slobber jockeys out there, enjoy!

Wimmen, go figure! First they act all mean and tough to the two guys that have just found them...

So, what do they do?.. That's right, strip down to their undies and bras and decorate them with flowers!!.. Oh, Hell yeah!!!

The music at the party always makes me think of a booze fueled New Years rendition of Jingle Bells!! I even see the drummer with his loose, floppy tongue hanging out!

Babs is played by Barbara Valentin and was known as the German Jayne Mansfield, with measurments of 41-24-36. She had 89 acting credits and was in THE HEAD. She died at age 61 in 2002 and was a friend of Freddie Mercury.

This one was on her way to the lagoon to have sex with one of the horndogs, and, this is what happens to her! Moral... What are ya, stupid?!

Hello!.. Is anybloody to home?!.. Hey, did you know that you gots a hole in yer wall?!.. Hello?!

Gary's beating the crap out of everbloody until one of the girls ignites a flare and realizes that he doesn't like them at all! So, it's off to the races as they chase him away, each holding their scary fire stick!

Gary gets chased into some quicksand and quickly goes under. Weird place for a pool of quicksand, on an ocean cliff in Yugoslavia... Sometimes, fiction is stranger than truth!

We'll end the fun with this nice page from the German presskit.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! are veterans. Ghoulnight Everbloody!!..


Manic Minx said...

great post, i would love to watch these films one day :)

QueriesonFoodsandHealth said...

"Sometimes, fiction is stranger than truth!"

haha. Indeed, that's why its fun to watch and read fiction movies and books, eh, cause there are times that many stories are out of this world.

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