Friday, May 27, 2011

TRIP WITH THE TEACHER / United Filmmakers Organization (UFO) - 1975

Welcome to Friday Night Drive-In with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Tonite, we gots this mean 'n' dirty little title, originally part of a 'Teachers In Trouble' triple bill!

The real hippie movement was dead and buried by 1975, it had been turned into an excuse for some ass holes to be as vile as possible and a license to be totally out of it! Our story's about a teacher and her class of female students that take a trip to the desert. When their bus breaks down, they find themselves terrorized by a gang of psycho bikers.

The music's by Austrian born, Igo Kantor, who had 10 composing credits that include titles like HEAVENLY BODIES!, COMMON LAW CABIN, VIXEN!, NIGHTMARE IN WAX and THE PROJECTIONIST. He also has 52 music department credits and credits in 11 other catagories including director.

"The Hummer's Theme" was written by Earl Barton for the soundtrack.

Letz bling inn that fuzzy lil' Dungeon helper and copter-topped freek, right!.. Ralphie The Tarantula!! Ralphie pops in every Friday night to push the big red 'GO' button once again, and, start our Eariffic Earclip. So, hit it Ralphie, here's our... TRIP WITH THE TEACHER!

Here's something that used to be popular back in the day, girls on busses flirting with guys on the road, happened to me more than once... Back in the day!

But, sometimes, you might attract the attention of somebloody like this creep, Al, played by Zalman King. The last time we saw Zalman was when we reviewed the twisted flick, BLUE SUNSHINE. He has also been on these TV shows... THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR, THE MUNSTERS, BONANZA, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., GUNSMOKE, ADAM-12, LAND OF THE GIANTS, IRONSIDE and CHARLIE'S ANGELS!

When nothing's going on, Al likes to drop cars onto mechanics as they work, you know, something to do, he's bored. It's rumored that Dick Cheney used this technique in some 'enhanced' interrogation sessions, and, it was said to be quite effective!!

As one of the biker's checks out the engine, all the other girls are having a big cat fight over by the yucca plant.

This has to be seen to be enjoyed, 3 motorcycles pulling a school bus! Boy, it's a good thing they didn't have to climb a hill, because, you know, they're in the mountains!!

So, the first thing Al needs to do is kill the bus driver!

Then, it's on to part 2, having some fun with teacher! Al looks pretty bad here, but, I still put my money on Gary Kent as the ultimate psycho, Gary, in Ray Dennis Steckler's sadistic, THE THRILL KILLERS!

One biker, Jay, played by Robert (HITCH HIKE TO HELL) Gribbin, barely escapes the clutches of Pete, sicko bro to Al, as he tries to go and get some help. Pete is played by Robert (QUEEN OF BLOOD) Porter.

Al goes all goofy at the thought of Jay escaping! ...I want my blankie, I want my bobble, wah!! Man, lil' baby needs a nap.

Pete catches up to Jay and kicks his bike, causing it to go off a cliff!.. G'night, sweet prince!

Pete goes back to brag to his big cry baby bro.

Al just cannot stop the devil in him!

Later, Pete's lured outside by one of the girls... Little does he know that Jay survived the crash, and, is back to even the score!

Nothing like sweet revenge, the scene goes on for awhile and we get to enjoy all the fear and suffering Pete goes through, until finally...

Al hears some comotion, so, comes outside wielding his switchblade, ready to slice away! When he turns around, though, teacher jabs a large metal stake right through him!! Wow.

These deadheads are already sawing logs! ...Ghoulnight Everbloody!!


Luigi said...

Proof that the word Giallo ain't American!

Greg Goodsell said...

Zalman King rode to infamy as Jesus Christ in the adaptation of THE PASSOVER PLOT, with his interpretation of the Son of God as Charles Manson!

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