Wednesday, May 25, 2011

THE HAND - Wilfred Burns - "How About A Round Of Applause" (1960)

"The Hand" is a vaguely droll but grimy little movie! It's a simple tale that is extremely confusing! I had to watch it three times, and I'm still not sure if I understood it all, but then I fell asleep once!

WWII, Burma, the Japanese ask questions, you don't talk, and you pay the price, hence the title "The Hand!"

Years later, back in England, weird hand stuff is going on that needs to be investigated!

It's an age old English question, is a bird in the hook worth two birds in the sack?

The musical director for "The Hand" was a gentleman by the name of Wilfred Burns! No slouch, Wilfred did a lot of composing, I'm just not sure he always got the credit. Some of his composing credits include "Wall Of Death," "Hammer The Toff," "The Broken Horseshoe," "Roadhouse Girl," "Stock Car," and "Booby Trap!" He was also the orchestrator for "The Three Weird Sisters!"

So here's the deal already, you got your hands behind the back with knives!

You got your hands in the drawer with guns!

And you've got hands without bodies in the box!!

"The Hand" is only a little over an hour long, and the story is very Edgar Wallace! The music swings as good as a lot of the German stuff from the same period, and that's some pretty heavy company! I'd much rather watch it than go to work!


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