Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DIMENSION 5 - Paul Dunlap - "The Most Amazing Spy Thriller Of All Time" (1966)

Like me, it's a little slow, but Summer's a comin', so let's start this month of June off with something hot! Ever since we started this blog there have been some obscure titles we've had trouble getting our hands on, and tonight's wild card feature is one of those amazing titles, but thanx to the Trash Palace it is now possible! Was it worth the wait, kind of, but not exactly, but then it does have it's moments, and then those same moments again, because it's a movie about time traveling! I had read that "Dimension 5" had a swingin' soundtrack composed by the top shelf of Dungeon faves, Paul Dunlap, and it does to some degree, the problem is, it's just mostly buried in the background! Search this blog for Paul, and you can see what a talent he was!!

This is Jeffrey Hunter as special secret agent Justin Power! Jeffrey's career was all over the place, everywhere from playing Jesus in the 1961 film, "King Of Kings" to starring in 26 episodes of his own TV series from 1963 to 1964 as western lawyer "Temple Houston." Jeffrey Hunter also had the role of Christopher Pike, the second Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise in the 1966 pilot episode of "Star Trek," entitled "The Cage!" Jeffrey passed away in 1969!

This is his Boss, Donald Woods as Kane! The super spies of the 60's had better video conferencing than we do today thanks to all your generous tax dollars! Mr. Woods had his own TV show also for 26 episodes in 1952 as "Craig Kennedy, Criminologist!" Donald was also in "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms," "13 Ghosts," and "Five Minutes To Live" with Johnny Cash!

No, Jeffrey didn't just win the Peewee Championship Wrasslin' Federation belt, that my friends, is a very compact version of a time machine!

There is quite a bit of footage of Agent Power and Kane gabbing about a bunch of crap you don't really give a hoot about!

Working behind the scenes and keeping Agent Power abreast of the action are "The Sisters!" Carol Byron as Big Sister, Maggie Thrett as 2nd Sister, and Kay Michaels as 3rd Sister!

Carol Byron was in an "Addams Family," a "Twilight Zone," and a "Dobie Gillis" episode!

Maggie Thrett was in a "Star Trek" episode as the sexiest of Harry Mudd's women, Ruth,(and that's some tough competition considering the other two were hotties Karen Steele and Susan Denberg), and released this Bob Crewe produced single in 1965 entitled "Soupy"!!!

Kay Michaels was a robot in "Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine!"

Now you see him....

....Now you don't!! Pretty tricky, huh?

The really evil guy in charge in "Dimension 5" is Harold "Oddjob" Sakata as Big Buddah!! His over the top voice is dubbed in by cartoon voiceover great Paul Frees! Before acting, Harold wrestled professionally as bad guy "Tosh Togo," and of course he will be immortalized for all eternity for his role in the James Bond feature "Dr. No!"

Big Buddah has an interesting habit, if he doesn't like you or what you say, he spits his food all over you! It's pretty disgusting!

This Chinese spy guy doesn't attract any attention at all!

Worse than waterboarding, back in 1966 if you didn't talk when the authorities questioned you, they gave you a perm! That really got him to spill the mung beans!

The fascinatingly beautiful France Nuyen is Kitty, the Chinese-American spy who was sent to assist Justin Power!

Linda Ho as the conniving Nancy Ho was also Madam Wong in "Hillbillys In A Haunted House!"

French-Vietnamese France Nuyen was also in a "Star Trek" episode, as Elaan, and was also in a hit TV series for 26 episodes in the 80's, as Dr. Paulette Kiem on "St. Elsewhere!"

Agent Power explains to Kitty how the complicated buttons on the time travel belt work!

Cruisin' L.A. style, 1966!!

The best piece of WTF trivia about "Dimension 5" is that it was actually released in England as "Dimension 4!" I'd really like to hear the logic behind that!!

These three guys are set to take over the whole world, one seedy apartment at a time! I know it's hard to believe, but it's true, I tell you, it's true!!

Sometimes Kitty asks too many questions, and we all know about what happened to the curious cat!

Here's the basic problem with being omnipotently and supremely evil, you just can't trust anybody, not even the hired help!!

Ashes, Ashes...Some of the pictures are out of sequence, but since "Dimension 5" is a film about time travel, it really doesn't matter! See you sometime yesterday in the future!!


prof. grewbeard said...

i'm awake, i'm awake...was the really big guy w/big eyebrows next to Sakata also in The Monkees' movie Head? wish i could think of his name, he was a pro wrestler. i've been wanting to see Dimension 5 for some...time.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

It was former wrassler Tiger Joe Marsh in "Head" you're thinking about, I think this guy was named David Chow!!

Anonymous said...

Arthur C. Pierce told me that among other things, Robert Culp spent a fair amount of time hanging out on the set of this film, since he was involved at the time with actress France Nuyen. He said it was becoming a real distraction, not good on a low-budget film that was shot in a hurry. -KD

Anonymous said...

Oh, and if you watch very carefully, toward the beginning of the film when Hunter is running around Bronson Canyon, the helicopter lands to rescue him, and just as he climbs into it, his foot slips on one of the landing skids, he trips, and bangs his shin hard! He was in real pain from that, so a quick cut was made to the copter rising into the air...

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