Monday, December 6, 2010

THINGS TO COME in Colour / London Film Productions - 1936

Welcome everbloody, Tabonga here with Mondo Monday, here at The Dungeon! Tonight's flick is a redo of a previous post, this time in colour!!

If you're not familiar with this H. G. Wells tale, then, shame on you, go to IMDb and read about it there! Wells wrote both the story and screenplay. The music's by Mr. Arthur Bliss, he had a total of 7 composing credits, this film was his first...

It's time to bring in our lil' Dungeon helper and button pusher, Rufus The Gnat! Rufus is here every Monday to make sure we all get to hear our Eariffic Earring... THINGS TO COME!

The world seems happy and productive after the big war, and man has finally learned his lessons...

The amount of planes shown at times is overwelming, great special effects and miniatures!

War is just a carnal delight of man, especially for little yellow chicken shit hawks with 7 defermits to keep out of the military!!!!..

Yeah, I'm headed over to Carol's, then we're going to the malt shop for a burger... Hey, where's your rod?

It looks like some bizarre giant metal insect with it's human master! The backdrop looks very interesting, obviously real ruins somewhere in England!

By 2036, modern man had moved underground and created his Utopia there.

With a shopping mall...

...And, justice for all!

Grandpaw, could you put it on something good?.. I wanna watch Gumby!

Weird place to have a toilet!

Futuristic architecture and costumes were well thought out for the time, but them boney knees, Raymond!

Tabonga's just not buying that helicopter 'steering device' design, looks like it's made out of some crap we used to sell at Daco Farm Supply!

The estimated budget for this futuristic flick was £300,000, or $700,000 in US dollars. One Fleischer Superman cartoon cost $100,000! Big bucks back then!!

Here's the new rollie coaster ride at Six Flags, the Rocket Roller, you actually get shot into space! Coming down's the really scary part... Look at that freakin' line!!

Look there, you idiot!! You blind?!..

I'm not crazy!.. You're crazy!!

Ghoulnight Everbloody!


Christopher said...

"yez..I imagine they'll come BOMBing alright"

Prof. Grewbeard said...

you guys funny!

warewolfboy said...

I really like the costume and set colour design by ray harryhausen and legend films.pity it was on a 16mm copy of the original 35mm version.

Scot said...

"Things to Come" was filmed in black-and-white, photographed and lit for black-and-white, and should stay black-and-white. The colorized still frames look godawful.

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