Saturday, December 18, 2010

NACHTS, WENN DRACULA ERWACHT - Bruno Nicolai - "Count Dracula" (1970)

Tonight's shocking tale is a big bloody batch of holiday cheer, and greetings from "Count Dracula", Jesus Franco and Bram Stoker!!

One word rises to the top of the burning cauldron that is this movie, and that word would be Atmosphere!! Jesus Franco style!

"Break on through to the other side!" Does it not look like the mortar between the bricks of that wall are merely painted on? Is that degree of cheapness even possible in a film of this quality?

This film is a Christopher Lee vehicle all the way, and he drives it from this point where he is an old vampire, and into a tunnel of time painted with the lives and blood of young women, and the lure of eternal youth!

Did you see the size of that bed? What? Is this Hugh Hefner's Euro digs?

The very impressive cast includes Herbert Lom as Professor Abraham Van Helsing, also known in some circles as the vampire killer! A real class guy, Herbert Lom played the Phantom in the 1962 version of "Phantom Of The Opera" and "Captain Nemo" in "Mysterious Island!"

The amazing Maria "Venus In Furs" Rohm has the role of Mina Murray, and ...

....the always stunning Soledad Miranda steps out as Lucy Westenra to flesh out the cast!

Now that's a top notch cast, but, I don't know, something's missing, maybe it's my brain, or maybe it's something even more mysterious than that, but something is missing!

This is what the inside of Soledad Miranda's nose looked like, and what her face looked like while Dracula was chomping down on her jugular vein!

When Val Helsing has people over for barbecue, he likes to serve the stakes bloody rare!!

Since this is kind of a Giallo version of Dracula, it's no wonder that one of the busiest men on the circuit, the Masestro Bruno Nicolai, is once again at the musical helm!

Everybody neat and pretty??

Dungeon All-Star Klaus Kinski gets big billing as the mad Renfield, but for my money, he doesn't add much to the story! Actually, not many of the characters add much to the story!

Count Dracula telepathically told Renfield to escape, so he tries flying away. Talk about credibility, he actually survives this fall!

Christopher Lee looks like he just came off the set of some western movie, or maybe an episode of "Wild, Wild West!" He looks cool with his hair a little longer, and a moustache!

Not quite your average Night at the Opera, where's Harpo when you need him?

It was asking a lot for me to believe that those two guys could actually move that very large stone, but it seemed to convince the guy that it landed on!

Uh, Oh, Oh, No, they woke Dracula up, now they are in for big trouble!!

But what's this? They set his ass on fire? How clever is that?

"Count Dracula" is one movie I don't mind giving away the ending, because you know Dracula's going to die, but you also know he'll be back some day. I'm not sure if anyone really knows how many Dracula and/or vampire movies have been made over the years, but it's interesting that like Dracula himself, the genre will seemingly live forever!


Prof. Grewbeard said... Backula!

Christopher said...

"I think..I'm in...a DRACULA picture!!!"..Franco's recollections of Kinski in this are hilarious..

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