Friday, December 17, 2010

ISLAND OF THE BURNING DOOMED / Planet Film Productions - 1967

Welcome everbloody to another end of the year Friday Frights, here at The Dungeon! Tonight we gots the lesser known half of the original double bill that was paired with what else, ISLAND OF TERROR! Stars our favorites Chris Lee, Peter Cushing and the lovely, Ms. Jane Merrow.

The original British title is NIGHT OF THE BIG HEAT, we have the US television version here.

The music is by Mr. Malcolm Lockyer, Malcolm had 23 composing and 7 soundtrack credits, other movies he worked on are SWEET BEAT, OPERATION CUPID, DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS, THE PLEASURE GIRLS, SECRETS OF A WINDMILL GIRL, ISLAND OF TERROR, DEADLIER THAN THE MALE, THE VENGEANCE OF FU MANCHU and NIGHTMARE. He passed away in 1976 at age 52.

Okay, let's bring in that lil' 6-eyed Dungeon helper, Ralphie The Tarantula, so's he can push the big red 'GO' button in the corner over there, which in turn starts the dominos a tumbling... Here's... ISLAND OF THE BURNING DOOMED!

It starts with Jane Merrow here, as Angela Roberts, she has a secret past with Jeff Callum, local best selling author who's married and not ready for her unannounced invasion of his privacy! Jane says that this movie did a lot for her career, other things she appeared in are THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (Chorus Girl), THE GIRL-GETTERS, THE WOMAN THAT WOULDN'T DIE and HANDS OF THE RIPPER, also in the TV series and movies THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, THE SAINT, THE PRISONER, THE AVENGERS, STRANGE REPORT, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, MANNIX, UFO and LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE!

Here's Sydney Bromley as the aliens' first victim. And, that's the same cave in ISLAND OF TERROR... Go figure.

You can kinda see Sydney's open mouth screaming as the creatures fry his butt!

Chris Lee plays Godfrey Hanson, the impatient scientist who has very little time for people. Jeff has just brought him a package he's been waiting for, he rudely snatches the parcel and slams the door!

Jane now has an online site where she sports recipes and special meals for friends and relatives!

The locals are starting to hear and see things!

Chris plays his nerdiest role ever! He totally slammed this movie in his biography...

Pretty risque for the time!

The aliens leave a distinctive pattern on the TV sets when they're doin' their thang!

Oh, right! Here's a pic of Peter Cushing, just before he gets French fried! Chris gets to listen to him scream like a girl when he gets it.

This shot sez...Night Of The Big Heat!

Chris gets caught in the middle of a herd of aliens and it's not long before he becomes baked lasagna!

Kudos to the photography director!

Just when the heat and static get totally unbearable, it starts to rain, hard!

And luckily, water melts them alien hotheads into a big pile of goo! No, not the Goo from GUMBY!

Ghoulnight Everbloody!!


Josh said...

great stuff on here! keep it comin!

KW said...

I gotta get this movie!

TABONGA! said...

Josh - Stay tuned, wait til you see some of the stuff we've got coming in 2011...

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