Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"The Ghost Talks" is one of the rare Stooges romps that veers off into the supernatural, and once again, the music is basically insignificant, except for the "Three Blind Mice" theme, which we've stated here before, was a nursery rhyme written by English composer Thomas Ravenscroft in 1609!

Cinematographer M.A. Anderson gets a lot of credit for the terrific look of this short, in what I believe was his only Stooges outing! Producer and Director Jules White, on the other hand was responsible for over 300 Three Stooges episodes!

Shemp gets caught in the pouring rain not unlike what's been pounding California for the last week, and ends up with an inverted umbrella full of water!

Moe gets the situation all straightened out, and under control!

Growing up watching The Stooges, I always figured they were made for kids, I mean Dad never watched them and Mom sure as Hell didn't, but as an adult, you kind of get a different take on the whole scene, like this little film is about a ghost who was a peeping tom! A sex crime!

As a kid, I think a lot of guys identify with Curly, but as you grow older, Shemp's intellect shows off it's complexities!

Tell me this doesn't look like a set-up for a sight gag!!

Ow, right in Larry's gazitza!! It was "Just a coincidence!"

When in doubt, get out the manual and look up the chapter on how to move a suit of armor! The fact that they are the 'Express' company cracks me up!

Oh, Yeah, Sure, kid's program ALL the way, as the boys drop down and have a smoke!

But it was just a set-up for this and another gag!

Boy, what an enviable way to work. A small closed set, a cast of basically only three very experienced and talented actors, and good lighting, how could you go wrong?

I love this shot and the living skull routine! So, besides Moe, Larry, and Shemp, all you needed was a voice for the ghost, and a voice for the skeleton, and............

......Nancy Saunders as Lady Godiva! Nancy was also in two other Stooge's shorts, "The Brideless Groom," and "I'm A Monkey's Uncle," and another flick called "The Thirteenth Hour," and started off her career in film as a glamour girl in the movie "The Bamboo Blonde!"

Wolf whistles, catcalls, it may be The End, but it's almost more than these three hotblooded guys can handle!!

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TABONGA! said...

Nothing funnier than Moe taking it in the mush like a trooper!

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