Monday, December 27, 2010


This is the original theatrical release 1 sheet poster, one of the last old school, fifties style sci-fi flicks. We gots the TV title, tonight, here at The Dungeon. Remember, after 2001 came out in 1968, the special effects bar was raised forever. Another movie in this category is an all time favorite of Tabonga's... MISSION MARS, with Darren McGavin and Nick Adams!

Check out this tagline... "Horror so incredible it stretches the mind of man beyond the breaking point!"

Mr. Marlin Skiles did the music for this space adventure, and sometimes, space opera. Marlin had an amazing 253 music department credits between 1934-68. A few of those titles are KING SOLOMON ON BROADWAY, DANCING FEET, SEA SPOILERS, DOWN MEXICO WAY, THE CYCLONE KID, THE PURPLE MONSTER STRIKES, SLIPPY MCGEE, KING OF THE ROCKET MEN, MULE TRAIN, COW TOWN, ATOM MAN vs SUPERMAN, LOST PLANET AIRMEN, JALOPY, ZOMBIES OF MORA TAU, SPOOK CHASERS, THE GIANT CLAW, 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH and D-DAY ON MARS!

Okay, Rufus, come on in and press the big old red 'GO' button, you little rascally gnat, you, and start our end of the year redo of... SPACE MONSTER!

Like Eegah!! always sez, dials are cool! Unfortunately, these dials are connected to the destruct button, and in a matter of seconds our space jockey here gets blown to pieces. There's a good reason, though, he's sick with a plague from space, and can't be allowed to land back on Earth!! You know, we'll all catch it!

So, you think that stops Space Probe Taurus from heading out into space with Francine York (top billing), James Brown, Baynes Barron and Russ Bender?.. Hell, no!!

Baynes Barron plays Dr. John Andros. You can hear in the soundclip as he dreams about being back on Earth with his very own, bikini beach girl! Baynes had 99 acting credits and include RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON, PHANTOM OF THE RUE MORGUE, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, FROM HELL IT CAME (Chief Maranka!), THE PARTY CRASHERS, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, THE STRANGLER, MARYJANE and THE DEVIL'S 8!

Here's the doc, trying to put the make on shipmate, Dr. Lisa Wayne. Francine York is still beautiful today!! We remember her from MUTINY IN SPACE, and, get this... She's plays Sabrina in this year's ASTRO ZOMBIES: M3 - CLONED!!

They come across a seemingly deserted alien spacecraft, just floating around in space.

So, Colonel Stevens and Dr. Andros jet over to check the pad out!

Hey, it's even got a big screen TV! I wonder how you change the channel, this program stinks!

Here's Jimmy Bracon as the little space creep, borrowed from THE WIZARD OF MARS! This was Jimmy's only credit!

They end up killing it, then they blow up the space pad before going on their merry way!..

Later, hormones get the best of the Colonel and Dr. Wayne!

One of my favorite Benny Hill jokes is... "What's the difference between a vitamin and a hormone? ...You can't make a vitamin!"

They have to make an emergency landing on a planet but end up in the drink with some giant crabs!

Dr. Andros is chosen to swim to the shoreline and check to see if the land can support life.

Then, there's this aquatic creature, a leftover from WAR-GODS OF THE DEEP. It attacks and wounds the doc as he's swimming back to the ship.

Dr. Andros barely makes it back before deep sixing it. He tells them the place will support life, so, they name the planet after him!

88... 87... 86... 85... 84... 83...



Ghoulnight Everbloody!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

the mask from Wizard Of Mars used here was originally created by Don Post studios for a spook show that didn't go over, so it got sold off to the highest bidder...

Anonymous said...

Oops — this shared file or folder link has been removed.

what fun, no play

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