Friday, August 27, 2010

ZAAT / Barton Films - 1975

Hey, everbloody!.. WHA' ZAAT?!!

"A creature like you've never seen before!" reads the tagline... Well, yeah... We wouldn't want 'unintentionally hilarious goofy monsters' to become a standard! Sure, it looks interesting in the poster art.

Get this!.. Only one person out of the entire cast and crew in this Floridian production ever worked on a movie set ever again!!! Also, looks like this puppy was released 3 years after completion.

The music is credited to Jamie DeFrates and Barry Hodgin, again, the only movie they worked on! The soundclip includes a pretty good hippie tune!

Now, here's little 4-eyed Dungeon hunchback helper, Ralphie The Tarantula, to bring you tonight's Eariffic Earclip, Hit the 'GO' button, Ralphie!!... WHA' ZAAT?!

The flick starts with this depressed scientist in deep thought about his experiments and his devious intentions therein...

Loners have to figure out junk by themselves, you know, like how to change yourself into a fish, etc.

ZAAT goes out to test all his new fishy parts, you know, to see if everything works okay... Check!!

Team INPIT show up in their jumpsuits, ready to solve the weird mystery about some kind of fish monster that everbloody's been talking about up and down the state... At the end of the soundclip, you'll hear the Sheriff put them in their place!

This is Nancy Lien as the camper girl who gets captured by ZAAT to be his mate, then dies during the transformation process. Too bad, she'd a been a good'ern!

Shades of Al Adamson!!

Check it out, he's an artist!!

For the Portrait Gallery!

Damn!!.. Sanna Ringhaver as INPIT Agent Martha Walsh is HOT!!

In this shot, ZAAT looks like a Blood Island monster who's lookin' fer sum trubble!!

He considers breaking up a hippie house party. Later, the Sheriff locks the hippies up in the local jail to keep them safe from the monter!

Far out, man!!

Great still of ZAAT as he turns the dials on his infernal machine while holding a syringe of glowing serum!

Basically, what Heaven on Earth looks like!

Marshall Grauer, desperate for more work as an actor, tries out for The Banana Splits!!

Look, the dude is just freakin' horny, alright?! What do you want from a walking catfish?..

Agent Stevens takes a long nap after tangling with ZAAT!!

Now a fish, Agent Walsh-Zaat retires to the ocean to lay her eggs!

Here's a decent rendition of ZAAT by Dungeon pal Terry Beatty on the cover of Scary Monsters Magazine. Only trouble is, it don't look like him!!


Greg Goodsell said...

This movie BLOWS! For some reason, the director filmed all the scenes with the actors' backs turned to the camera!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

ha, i forgot all about the film's original title!

Ocean Breeze said...

Was that INPIT or ARMPIT?

RODAN! said...

Stinks like an armpit!

Christopher said...

I like the hair on the chick hes drawing. =:o)

KW said...

I suffered through this one. I remember the title is what tricked me into watching it. Whoever made that title was a genius.
Then I got suckered into buying another movie called Blood Waters of Dr Z, again because of the cool title. I was disgusted with myself when I realized it was this same old terd playing in my player all over again.

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