Saturday, August 28, 2010

MUMSY, NANNY, SONNY, & GIRLY - Bernard Ebbinghouse - "Mind Your Own Business" (1970)

Let's finish off this no holds barred two weeks of rollicking humour with a movie I like a lot! It was hard to find by it's original title, but if you abbreviate it, you probably won't have much of a problem! Here she comes now, "Girly!"

The original title was "Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly," but the stripped down version of this Freddie Francis classic was released as strictly "Girly." Either way, the results are the same, non-stop madness, the way only the Brits can seem to do, and get away with it!! The swingin' music for "Girly" was composed, arranged, and conducted by Bernard Ebbinghouse, who was also the musical director for "The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre" from 1961-1964. Say no more!!

Vanessa Howard as "Girly" herself, is riveting, and one of THE loveliest women you will ever see on any size screen! Her list of credits stops at 12, because she has said that "Girly" and "What Became Of Jack And Jill?" made her really lose interest in acting! It's understandable!! Here she is with Howard Trevor as her brother Sonny! They have a very close relationship!! This was Trevor's only role ever on film!

Girly and Sonny are a little wacky, but they're good, clean wholesome kids just out to have a good time with some good old-fashioned pranks! Not!!! Michael Ripper as the Zoo Attendant has the distinction of being in 35 different Hammer movies out of the 215 movies he's been in, just in case you think you've seen him somewhere before!

These two would be the very cartoony Mumsy and Nanny! Chief Wack job Mumsy on the right was portrayed by Ursula Howells, who unlike the youngsters, had a long and varied career that included many repeated roles on Brit TV, and the same thing goes for Pat Heywood as Nanny!

"She walks like an Angel, she talks like an Angel, but.........

...........She's the Devil in disguise!!" ....and a psychopathic axe murderer!

Ala "The Creep," Sonny and Girly get into the backseat of some swinger's car in a club parking lot, in an attempt to make some more new friends!

When you're drunk as a skunk, and you're trying to pick up on some young nymph, there's nothing like a game of Leap Frog to get the blood boiling!!!

New friend was played by Michael Bryant, and his girlfriend was "The Countess of Cleavage," Imogen Hassall, who was known much more for her looks than her acting skills. Frustrated by this situation, she sadly took her own life in 1980!

The swinger's girlfriend meets an early demise when she falls? off the top of the playground slide, so Girly and Sonny bring him and her back to their happy home!

New friend finds out the hard way, that in this demented fairy tale household, you have to play by the rules, and "Rule No. 1: Play The Game."

New Friend really doesn't know what's going on, or what to think.....

......All he really knows is, he wants to get laid! Despite how young she looks, Vanessa Howard was really 22 when "Girly" was filmed!!

Mumsy and Nanny have their own peculiar living situation! It's a good thing this movie is a comedy or it would be really sick!!

During a rousing round of "Cowboys and Indians" Girly finds out that she likes to play with New Friend more than she does with her brother Sonny!!

Hugh Armstrong as the old New Friend in # 5 isn't needed anymore, so he is released, but is nowhere near as lucky as the newest New Friend!! Here's an interesting fact, there were only nine actors in this whole movie!

Always the budding cinematographer, Sonny likes to admire his own work!!

Because their world is a fairy tale, the kids are more prone to reciting rhyme than they are to reason, and in this scene Girly introduces Sonny to the new boy down the street, Tony Chestnut!!! Toe-Knee-Chest-Nut!!!

Now this comedy is getting serious, and it's time to make some hard decisions!!

"Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny, & Girly" is another awesome Freddie Francis romp that deserves to be seen by everyone, and don't you really want to know what's cooking??


Prof. Grewbeard said...

i am often quite glad i was not born British...(sorry, long story)

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Sounds like a goodern!!

Greg Goodsell said...

The most remarkable thing about this film is that director Freddie Francis cranked out this classic the same year he helmed the beneath awful TROG, with Joan Crawford.

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