Monday, August 2, 2010


Welcome to Moldie Oldie Monday here at the Dungeon, with host Tabonga and little Dungeon helper, Rufus the Gnat! We have another PRC cheapie, considered to be one of their best productions and clocks in at a whopping 59 minutes!..

Tagline for this horror-mystery reads... "He was hanged for a crime he didn't commit, and now he's the... [Strangler of the Swamp]"

Story is basically... A number of local men have died by strangulation and the inhabitants believe that an innocent man they hanged is now seeking revenge on all of the descendants of those responsible for his death.

Flick stars Rosemary La Planche, who was Miss America in 1941, Blake Edwards, who went on to direct some of our favorite movies like OPERATION PETTICOAT, THE PINK PANTHER and THE GREAT RACE and Charles Middleton, who played Ming the Merciless in the original FLASH GORDON serials!

Original uncredited music is by Alexander Steinert. He had 11 composing credits which include DEVIL BAT'S DAUGHTER, THE UNKNOWN, BLONDIE KNOWS BEST, LITTLE IODINE and KING OF THE WILD HORSES! He was also a conductor for Disney's BAMBI.

Now it's time to present our latest Eariffic Earclip to your audio senses, via our lil' pet pal, Rufus The Gnat's hairy paw, as he pushes hard wonst again, that big red 'GO' button right there, which sets the tumblers turnin' which then opens the vault door to... Rufus, hit it!!.. STRANGLER OF THE SWAMP!

It's really hard to believe that anyone would ever choose to live in such a desolate, creepy place like that!! Well, it definitely gots atmosphere!

Ahhh... The glorious life of the dedicated ferryman...

Oh hey, and don't fergit 'bout all that hot swamp-chick tail! I guess if I had to choose, I'd take the one in the middle...

Ferryboy meets The Strangler, and the outcome ain't that great! Charles Middleton plays The Strangler, Charles was also in a flick called THE EVIL DEAD in 1922!! The Strangler is a real ghost!!

Rosemary La Planche plays Maria, granddaughter of the dude that just got killed by The Strangler. She's here to take over grandpaw's lucrative swamp ferrying business!!

Courteous service is the name of the game!

Believe it or don't, Maria lays down on some musty brush to catch a few winks between ferryings... Now, that's a country girl for ya!

Here, lovers do a bit of quarrelling. That's Blake Edwards there, who looks totally out of place in a suit and tie!!

This is just one beautiful still!

The Strangler can pop up just about anywhere, and he likes to give a back-breaker before he strangles you!!

Even though The Strangler wants to kill the relatives of the cursed people, he sees goodness in Maria and decides to end all the mayhem by destroying himself instead, so, you know, it's kinda sad...

~ TABONGA MAD LAFF #34 - When your breath stinks real bad after throwing up, you have vomitosis!

And now, get ready for this... The next 3 postings by Tabonga will be colorized versions of b/w classics!! This Friday... PHANTOM FROM SPACE! Next Monday... THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME! The following Friday... CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA!


Horse Racio said...

Ferryman! What a gig!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

that actress has a very interesting face- i like...

Christopher said...

I've always wanted to see this since it was included in Wm K Everson's book Classics of the Horror Film years ago.

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