Friday, August 20, 2010

THE HORROR OF IT ALL / Lippert Pictures - 1963

Hello everbloody, an' welcome to another Friday Night Drive-In with Dungeon host Tabonga and lil' Dungeon hunchback helper, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Our feature stars Pat (JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH) Boone and a great British cast!

Our storyline tonight from this hard to find flick (another Prof. Grewbeard 'find') is pretty simple... "American salesman Jack Robinson falls in love with Englishwoman Cynthia Marley and they visit her family so he can ask for permission to marry her. She points out to him that her relatives are rather eccentric and, by the way, a cousin has just died."

Directed by Terence (THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN) Fisher and Ray (MR. SARDONICUS) Russell was the writer.

The music is quite jazzy and the gratuitous "The Horror Of It All" is sung by Pat, which would be a perfect pick for RADIO 13!!!..

The music is by Douglas Gamley, he had a decent run of 36 composing credits from 1956-83, and includes TOM THUMB, PORTRAIT OF A SINNER, THE UGLY DUCKLING, HORROR HOTEL, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, ASYLUM, MADHOUSE and more!

Ralphie just informed Tabonga telepathically that it's time to send you our Eariffic Earclip to yer awaiting earifice, and for the total satisfaction of that big organ of yer's called.. yer brain! So, why would Tabonga disagree wif' dat?! Hit der 'GO' button, Ralphie!.. THE HORROR OF IT ALL!

On the way to meet his fiancee's relatives in England, Pat, who plays John J. 'Jack' Robinson, crashes his car and has to walk the final distance to his destination. Once he gets there, the note reads... "NO peddlers allowed! Ring bell at your own risk!!"

Once inside the mansion, Jack and Cynthia get to talk about their plans to be married...

Sultry beauty Andree (BRIDES OF DRACULA) Melly plays Natalia Marley, the crazy but sexy cousin! Andree's brother was British jazz singer George Melly.

Jack gets to meet the rest of the family and some of their ancestors!

Jack gets caught in a giant man-trap!

Natalia sure knows how to enjoy herself!

Grandpapa Marley has his own mad lab, what else?! Jack's very interested in what's going on in there...

And, here's Pat singing the aforementioned novelty tune... "The Horror Of It All!"

Grandpapa ends up having just a little too much fun!

Jack finds some interesting things in the basement.

We always love these sneaky peepers here at The Dungeon!

What good is a horror flick without a human-crushing elevator room?

There are a few more surprises for Jack before the story winds down!

All the dirty little secrets are revealed at the end, then Jack and Cynthia get to hear their wedding bells ring!!


Christopher said...

ha ha this looks interesting.Andree Melly reminds me of me,having a late night snack..while watching Brides o Drac!
That guy reminds me of Pat Boone!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

i always thought Pat Boone was cool in his own unique way, it's too bad he got all fundamentalist and made a fool of himself...

Christopher said...

Pat Boones ok in my book..Even saw him sing live as a kid in Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel..with Dick Shawn on the bill.

TABONGA! said...

Dick Shawn as Sylvester Marcus in IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD is probably my very favorite role by any actor, ever!!

John Mastermayter said...

Andree Melly is so hot, I'm surprised there were no reports of theatres burning down to the ground!

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