Friday, August 6, 2010

PHANTOM FROM SPACE In Color / Planet Filmplays - 1953

Welcome everbloody to another Friday Night Drive-In here at the Dungeon, with host Tabonga and little Dungeon hunchback helper pal, Ralphie The Tarantula! Tonight we gots a colorized version of that early fifties sci-fi classic, PHANTOM FROM SPACE! This flick has excellent special effects and was produced and directed by W. Lee Wilder, who also brought us KILLERS FROM SPACE, THE SNOW CREATURE, MANFISH, THE MAN WITHOUT A BODY and SPY IN THE SKY!

The music is by the awesome Mr. William Lava and includes the theramin! Get ready for this!.. William had a mind boggling 520 composing credits starting in 1937!! One of his last credits was for Al Adamson's DRACULA vs FRANKENSTEIN...

So, wif'out any further adieu, here's Ralphie to push that big red 'GO' button and start our Eariffic Earclip on it's journey to the center of your mind!.. Here's that PHANTOM FROM SPACE!

We skipped all the stock footage at the beginning, sorry about that. So anyway, a UFO has been sighted over Morro Bay and has now crash landed/disappeared near Santa Monica! Bottom pic shows the boys at 'Central' as they direct 'Mobile 1' and 'Mobile 7' in trying to track down the object.

Here's a shot of 'Mobile 1' which we refer to as a 'Radar Ford' around here!

This lady's husband was attacked and killed by what seemed to be a spaceman!

Dungeon pal Michael (THE WASP WOMAN) Mark plays a watchman, he verifies that the guy in the drawing was responsible for another death and a fire where he works. Funny thing too, there was no head in the helmet, thus making him, ta-da, a phantom!

Great shot of Harry (TALES OF TOMORROW) Landers, James (THE WAR OF THE WORLDS) Seay and Rudolph (SHE DEMONS) Anders! Check out Harry's cool socks!!

'Mobile 7' hiding behind a branch!

The Phantom gets cornered in an industrial complex, so there's lots of 'cat and mouse' chases going on...

To allude his stalkers, the Phantom sheds his suit!

Back at the lab, they experiment with the Phantom's spacesuit. It won't burn, they can't cut it and there's no weave when inspected under a microscope!

This is Noreen (GIANT) Nash, she plays Barbara Randall, a classic hot science chick of the fifties. Looks like she just got a Toni!!

She figures out a way to get a peek at the invisible nude stranger!

During a confrontation, the Phantom drops and destroys the helmet he needs to breathe with!

They finally locate the invisible spaceman with their ultraviolet lamps.

Dick Sands plays the Phantom and had a total of 5 acting credits. Here, Dick evaporates right in front of your eyes! It's fairly certain that THE THING had a big influence on the look of the Phantom...

Goodnight, sweet Prince Of Space!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

whattaya screamin' about, lady?!?...

Christopher said...

egads..a droll...

Anonymous said...

I loved this movie when I saw it as a kid - and I've never forgotten it. For me, anyway, it was a memorable event to see it in a theater with my dad.

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