Wednesday, August 4, 2010

KULAY DUGO ANG GABI - Arevalo/Marqueses - "The Blood Drinkers" (1964)

Another title for tonight's Wednesday WTF!? Feature is "Blood Is The Color Of The Night, aka "The Vampire People" and I am here tonight to tell you that this is one strange freakin' flick for 1964, or any other year! And just to start off, I'll tell you there are no musical credits for this movie, only Tito Arevalo as musical director, and Vic Marqueses as music arranger!

Half Russian, half Filipino, Ronald Remy is Dr. Marco, the vampire pelon, the last of the crazy baldheads they didn't chase outta town! He has a vendatta, and a bunch of freaky amigos to help him accomplish his mad goal of bringing his home girl back to life by getting her a new heart, but in the meantime, she needs blood to keep her in Limbo!

Early on in the film, this gal is being serenaded Romeo and Juliet style by her loving suitor.....

....and then not only does the viewer get the treat of hearing some very cool romantic island music, but the extra treat, and my favorite part of the movie is, that they brought a water buffalo along, because what screams love louder than the sight of a water buffalo? Break out the adobo Mama, cause I'm coming home tonight!

Then freakin' Dr. Marco and his Vampire People come around, start changing the colours all around, and just generally putting a damper on the whole scene with their blood-suckin' bad attitudes!!

It's like a travelin' freakshow of blood, and no one is safe!!!

Always striving to take it to another level, in The Philippines, just being a vampire isn't enough, you have to be a hunchback vampire!! Always trying to up the ante in one way or another!

Just when you think you know all the rules of the vampire games, mirrors, crosses, garlic, when you get to The Philippines, all the rules have changed, and trust me, you have no idea what you're in for!

On the island, when vampires come around, and it can be day or night since we're in The Philippines, you know they're coming because all the colours change, that's right, everything turns blue, or red, or green or whatever colour is handy.

Here comes one now!!!

Time to double the pleasure with tag-team grandma and grandpa vampires!

Just a portrait of a lonely vampire and his whip. Dr. Marco likes to keep his whip around just in case biting big holes in his victim's neck wasn't effective enough!

It's said because colour film was so expensive, that they found it cheaper and easier to shoot most of the movie in black and white, and then tint the film different colours for different scenes! A novel approach, but it looks to me like somebody took something akin to asthmador and watched "Angry Red Planet" one too many times!

This is Dr. Marco's other main squeeze, and #1 follower. Now she's the one I want to follow!! Evil, but who cares, we'll even let Eva Montes as Tanya, Dr. Marco's dead girlfriend, come along too, just for fun!!

Gotta have the token little person to add to the weirdness quotient!

Toward the end, Marco and Tanya, his vampire bride, really try and make a go of it without being all bloodthirsty and evil, and the colours all change back to normal as they stroll through the garden of happiness together......

.....Before everything goes straight to Hell again!

Marco and Tanya do get to spend eternity together, just like they wanted, there's only one problem, they're really dead! Great movie, and for some reason, you can get it on Netflix!


Christopher said...

my favorite "blood" movie next to Mad Doctor of Blood Island.

RODAN! said...

Over the counter Asthamador contained Belladonna, leave it up to those crazy Filipinos to exploit it! Remember the 'Heavenly Blue' Morning Glory seeds? Ahh, the sixties!!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

i actually own a copy of this film, that's how kool i am...

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Pretty Kool!!

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