Saturday, April 3, 2010

SISTERS OF DEATH / De Ville Films - 1977

This movie was shot in 1972 by De Ville Films and released in 1977, and is the only production by them. Considered a decent film by most critics, has a good cast including Arthur Franz, Claudia Jennings and Joe E. Tata.

It's all about an accidental death at a sorority initiation, ruled an accident, but, is somebloody guilty of moidur?! Look at that very cool Turkish(?) poster!! ...Hey, izzat a Gatling gun?!

Now, that Tabonga kind of gurlz!!

Tabonga have no idea who make the excellent music in our soundclip, sound kinda Hammerish at beginning, then The Tijuana Brass bring the wine, then some cool screams rounding it all off!!

On wif' da lineup, as they say down at the old 13th precinct!.. Ralphie the Tarantula has honors to push big red 'GO' button to send today 'Eariffic Earclip' on merry way for everbloody enjoyment!.. So, hits it, Ralphie, time to pay visit to those!.. SISTERS OF DEATH!!

Seven years after the death, all 'Sisters' are invited to attend a reunion, with a $500 bump to make sure they'll show up!


Sorry, me no speak English!

Filmed in place very familiar to Eegah!! an' Tabonga! Intersection of Hwy 46 and Hwy 1, a thousand places to go from there, up and down the old California coast!

Gurlz get picked up by two hired beach bums in their classy Jeep Wagoneer, with a towel for a window!

Classic 'weird lookin' place!' One reason this flick suffers is because no place really look scary at high noon!

Arthur like playing peeping phantom!

Arthur is brother of gurl that get killed, so now he filled with rage and he want sweet revenge...

He have two hobby, making bullets...

And, playing flute to record!.. Wow, he is one 'deep' maniac!

Another great seventies fashion statement!!

Oh, did Tabonga mention that nobloody can leave because of electrified fence! All they have to do is dig hole under fence and escape, what morons!

He not just crazy, he totally nutz!! Does anybloody hear a coo-coo clock beside Tabonga?

Finally, time to bring out Gatling gun, YAY!!

Even though Arthur get his in the end, there is twist ending to leave viewer with!..


prof. grewbeard said...

i know i've seen part of this one, but where?...

✿Terri said...

Her father, not brother, is the one who gets revenge.

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