Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PLANET OUTLAWS / Feature from Serial - 1953

Today we have an edited down version of the 1939 Buck Rogers serial starring every kid's hero through the fifties, Buster Crabbe! This version has added stock footage and new dialogue at the beginning, to put a more modern spin on it... Two other familiar faces with small parts are Roy Barcroft and Kenne Duncan.

Charles Previn was the uncredited music supervisor, Charles' cousin's son is André Previn! He also had an unbelievale 370 music department credits!!!! The two last projects he worked on were THE WORLD OF ABBOTT AND COSTELLO and PURPLE DEATH FROM OUTER SPACE.

So, here's our 'eariffic earclip' of the day, brought to you by the Dungeon and Tabonga' lil' helper, Piff the Gnat! He have the honor of pushing that big old red 'GO' button and get this show on the road... He trying hard as a gnat can try... PLANET OUTLAWS!!

Dude do bang-up job as commentator, but get no name in credits!! So solly, Chollie!

Buck find out he 527 year old!!!

Here is part of electric train scenery Tabonga make as kid!

Here is Lt. Wilma Deering wearing very cool Area 51 invention that replace parachute, allow her to jump out of spaceship and land safely on ground!

Buck and Buddy in action... Bottom pic show them after they stole The Leader's personal spaceship!!

This set make little to no sense, it look like some kind of weird craft shop!!.. Oh, an' Captain Rankin very hard of hearing, too!

Awesome wallpaper!!

Rococo Futura!!

Hey, RNC party in West Hollywood!! ...Look like fun!

Here is one wild wipe effect ala 1939! Speaking of 1939, Tabonga saw footage taken at New York World's Fair, there was one exhibit that featured topless waitresses, no kidding!!!

That is one wicked looking piece of hardware fer sure!!


Alright, dude got measured for Robot Helmut!! Well, at least now he know answer to question!

The Leader, Killer Kane, trying to figure out what song he want to hear next on Jukebox...

Tabonga just like this shot, that's all!

An' this one too!!

Only Buck and Buddy can save the day!

Hey, cool, Robot Helmut party!!

Killer Kane gettin' some of his own medicine, he gettin' measured for Robot Helmut!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

i didn't know that was you guys!...

i have a copy of Planet Outlaws, i guess i should watch it! i have a collection of the Buck Rogers comic strip that came out in a huge book back in the 70s...

TABONGA! said...

PG - We don't like to brag!!

Unknown said...

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Monster Music
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