Monday, April 19, 2010

DRACULA HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE - James Bernard - "Get Back Drac" (1968)

Well Hell, the way the bodies are stacking up, looks like it's going to be a Dracula Week for me, and why the Devil not? I'm walking on a thin ledge overlooking an alligator pit here, but I'd be willing to bet that as far as genres go, Vampires outnumber any other concept in the history of film making, dating all the way back to the 1922 classic "Nosferatu" and continuing right on up to the current "Twilight" series! Tonight's installment falls right in the middle of the vampire heritage of film, and is called "Dracula Has Risen From The Grave" or "Drac's Back Again!"

There's been a Helluva lot of Damned Vampire flix made, and at least two gentlemen.......

...Bela Lugosi, and Christopher Lee built solid careers on the Dracula character! As a matter of fact, the vampire concept is so popular, I'm working on a script right now for a new blockbuster feature titled "Godzilla Vs Dracula!!" set to be released sometime in 2013 after the end of the world!

Here's part of the deal, Christopher Lee has this magnetic ability to be able to go from one of the nicest and charming dudes on the planet, and then, bam, a complete 180, and he's the most cruel and sadistic bastard in the universe of the living or the dead! Both Bicuspid and Bipolar!! Bite on that!!

It's the old college drinkin' initiation involving balancing a glass of beer on the end of a broomstick! If it was me, I'll tell you one thing, Good F'n Luck!!

Man, those are some good lookin' burritos!! You know you can't have a Hammer Dracula film without a barmaid with no future, unless, of course, you include becoming a member of the "Loyal Sisterhood Of The Undead" as the future!

The musical score by James Bernard is not that exciting by Dungeon standards, but Mr. Bernard has such a rich musical horror history, he can do anything he wants, and it's all right by us! James Bernard composed the soundtracks for the classics "The Creeping Unknown," "The Curse Of Frankenstein," and "The Horror Of Dracula," and the list goes on and on through Hammer history!

Honestly, this isn't the greatest film in the world, but it's directed by Freddie Francis, and so you're going to get a different take, which means it's worth watching, and no matter what, there's going to be some great shots, or something that makes it worthwhile!

Personally, I could sit here and watch Hammer films stunning or mediocre, all day long, if I didn't have to join the ranks of the living dead on the day shift! AAaaahhh!!!

Ewan Hooper as the "Priest" is irritating as all Hell fire, but would have been a shoo-in as Larry if they had ever done a "Three Stooges" bio back in the day!

Think about it! How many times have you seen a vampire appear in some innocent person's bedroom window??

Religious icons in a vampire flick, what the heck?

The David Bowie character meets the Larry Fine character with predictable results!

"On the roof, it's peaceful as can be, and there the world below can't bother me!" - Carole King of the Vampires!

Damn, Chris, WTF, man, Hey, man, you're really choking me.......Can somebody plese help me, this method acting is killing me!!

Right about here you start to get the vibe that Chris is getting really Pissed!!

Have a nice forever, and just to prove it's hard to keep a good man down, I'll be back on Friday with even more of Dracula's madness!!


prof. grewbeard said...

gee-oh-dee, that was funny!!!...

actually this is my favorite Chris Lee Drac, one reason being that i think it was my first, but i dig every second of it including the music! and i think Our Hero looks more like Roger Daltrey, sort of...

spectacular set of grabs! no, i'm not talking about the barmaid! can't decide which one to use for my desktop!...

Carole King of the Vampires!!!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

There's no love like your first love.......

Darius Whiteplume said...

I'm sure I have seen this, but some of the Hammer Dracs run together on me. Have you seen Franco's "Count Dracula?" It is pretty good, though more tame than the Hammer films. Lee liked it according to an interview from another DVD.

Christopher said...

nobody enters thru doors on this..THey all come in thru the bedroom windows..not that Dracs complaining..This ones an old favorite.One I can watch again and again..I just watched Roger Daltrey lol-Barry Andrews in one of my big 70s faves,Blood On Satan's Claw,night before last.

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Andrew said...

Not to take away from your stellar work, but I find it interesting that we both did this recently. Some of the shots are quite similar.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

With as many blogs as there are today, it's bound to happen now and then, but at least our approach is different, and I looked at your fotos, amazing that really, out of about 40 or 50 combined, we only doubled up on about four. Proves what a great lookin' film it is!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

No Gracias, we don't dig advertising!!

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