Saturday, April 10, 2010

BAD TASTE / WingNut Films - 1987

Welcome to Saturday Matinee at the Dungeon... Today's feature is a strange one from New Zealand, Peter Jackson's very first movie and directing job!! If you've seen this one, it's hard to imagine him winning an Academy Award! But, guess that's the beauty of the beast, Cinderella!

Story's about some nerdy government agents with the job of routing out aliens that have taken over a costal town in New Zealand. Reason they're there is revealed later in the show, much like what's gonna happen here!..

You can see from the pic below that this flick is definitely in bad taste!!!

Music is by Michelle Scullion and Jay Snowfield. Michelle also composed music for MEET THE FEEBLES, BITCH, CHICKEN and THE TUB! Guitar work from an action scene and the ending theme are pretty cool, and Eegah!! has done another swell job of putting the soundclip together, you will enjoy it!..

Tabonga pet Ralphie the Tarantula is in the room, ready to push big red 'GO' button wonst again, this time instead of tastin' bad, it just gots plain old... BAD TASTE!!

Looking for anything suspicious... Hmmm, wonder what that guy doing down there? He look lost...

Place look like Piedmont, CA in 1971!

This might esplain part of the problem!

Dig in!!

Time to call in the professional Rambozos!!

Dude trying to pick up a dead guy and pulls the skeleton out of it's skin! Remember, this is a comedy.

A Paul McCartney cardboard cut-out guards one of the nerd's car.

Pretty cool effect, but easy to figure out if you have a small budget!

The aliens finally come out of the shadows, and boy, are they ugly!! They are here to gather 'food' for their space restaurant. The leader is Lord Crumb, he has about fifty helpers called 3rd Class Aliens...

Rambozo has a freakin' bazooka and fires it at the escaping space creeps... Oh, hell yeah!!

Rambozo cuts his way in, then knees a 3rd Class Alien in the nuts and runs out of the room!

Lord Crumb goes into the basement and buckles up his seat belt.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Blast off!

The last time we saw this kind of action was in THE TERRORNAUTS!


prof. grewbeard said...

dude, you harshed my buzz!...

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...



zillagord said...

As I am sure you surmised, I love this flick.

Ted said...

Shit Darrell, Where in the hell did you find that movie. I haven't see the movie and by looking at the pics I think I might skip it...Having fun? Later Dude!

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