Saturday, September 6, 2008

THE VAMPIRE'S COFFIN (El Ataúd del Vampiro) - Gustavo César Carrión - "From The Depths Of Evil" (1958)

The 1958 Mexican film,"El Ataúd del Vampiro" or "The Vampire's Coffin" was Abel Salazar's follow-up to 1957's "The Vampire," and preceded his acting and production work in "Brainiac" by four years!

Now you don't have to be some kind of genius to figure out this next series of events. Fine actor Germán Robles as Count Karol de Lavud is decked out in all his Vampire duds staring in the almost empty cafe' window.

This gal looks out at him, basically doesn't think anything about it and leaves the place, strolling down the dark and empty alley with a smile. The jukebox plays on in the background!

Now what did you think was going to happen??

Ariadna Welter stars as entertainer Marta González!

Count Karol de Lavud thinks she is hot!!

We've written about the music of Gustavo César Carrión before, because of his work on the "Blue Demon" films and "El Baron Del Terror!" In this film his dramatic pieces are great and the swingin' arrangements are even better!

Abel Salazar had an unmistakable look for sure, and he sits here and looks at the show for quite a while in this film!

Nice guy vampire Count tries to kidnap Marta during the show and then blame the whole thing on his henchman sidekick Baraza played by Yerye Beirute, who ain't going for it!!!

The Baron gets what's coming to him in the end, just like some dirty little fly on the wall!! Oh, too bad!!! It's okay, he really had it coming!! Mexican Shish-Ka-Bat! It's what's for dinner!!


Greg Goodsell said...

Like a stupid white person, I was introduced to a Mexican guy named German and I called him by his first name, like the country. It's HER-man, HER-man, HER-man, like as in German Robles!

Anonymous said...

So, like does that mean your name is really Hreg Hoodsell, man! I'm confused!!

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