Wednesday, September 10, 2008

THE FLAME BARRIER - Gerald Fried - "The Countdown" (1958)

Just like "Pharaoh's Curse", this DVD flamed out before we could get much past the "Sauza 100 Anos Blanco," I mean, the theme. There wasn't much more interesting music anyway, but I would have liked to get a few more stills.

Did you ever think about it? The coolest thing about a rocket launching countdown, is, the clock has to run backwards! It's all starting to make sense now!

Composer Gerald Fried is an idol here for some of his work in the genre, but it doesn't make locating The Hollister Brothers any easier in Mexico!

Double or Nothing!!

This great Mexican cabbie gets no credit at all!

Robert Brown as Matt Hollister is a very convincing drunk!

Arthur Franz, from what we've heard, here as brother Dave Hollister, is still pissed off to this day!!!

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Monster Music
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