Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TERRIFIED / Crown International Pictures - 1963 / Music by Michael Andersen

Last time, Tabonga post THE TERROR with Jack (LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS) Nicholson, so tonight we have TERRIFIED with Rod (THE CRAWLING HAND) Lauren.

Flick start with dude tied up and covered in... crust?? Anyway, he actin' all 'terrified' an being big baby about it! ....Of course, then he die!!

Okay, when you see big eye, it time to get... TERRIFIED!

Dude name Michael Andersen makin' great music here! He only work on five project, that it!! But, one is 12 TO THE MOON!! Here we see the wise guys in the sound clip face wrath of David after they deliver lines. Marge tell David to cool it!

Rod kinda look normal here while talking to David and Marge, but he have some serious bats in belfry. So, what you think he want to do?!! Right, he decide to go hang out in haunted place with dark old graveyard!..

After get off work, Marge and David go to haunted place to check up on Rod and whacky plan... Good freakin' idea! Something not good going on around here!!

Rod not exactly having Swiss pic-nic either!! Some cat in black hood totally messing with him!.. One dirty trick after 'nother! Finally, Rod get untied from chair, break out window and head for hills!!..

Actually, Rod go back and get beat up again by cat! Then Rod get buried alive!! Cat only want one thing... MARGE!!!! How can you blame him?!

So, end up in cave. Cat take mask off and what else, old dude want hot young chick!! Oldest story in book!!!.. Then, good ol' Denver Pyle and Deputy come and shoot his ass!

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Greg Goodsell said...

This movie FREAKED me out when I caught it on late night TV. Then again, I'm freaked out most of the time anyway --

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Monster Music
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