Thursday, September 11, 2008

MESA OF LOST WOMEN / Ron Ormond & Howco - 1953 / Music by Hoyt Curtin

Tabonga goin' crazy for tonight with pics and info! This is Tabonga very favorite weirdie flick, it totally mind boggling to say least and will make head swim. Just to start, Tabonga own poster showing here!.. See, crazy!!

This is more crazy... Hoyt Curtin is AWESOME dude!!!! Here is small list of TV or flick he do: PETE HOTHEAD, Ed Wood's JAIL BAIT, Mr. Magoo, Howdy Doody, Ruff & Reddy, Peanuts, Flintstones, Top Cat, Scooby Doo, Lost In Space, Smurfs, GoBots and tons more! This the man!!

But for this flick, it most irritating and grating!.. Oh well, makes better!! Theme and Spider Mama Mambo Eegah!! already post most irritating part, do search for that one where Tarantella get shot!

After rescued from el Muerto Desert, Grant tell tall tale of Dr. Aranya, giant spider and spider mamas! Only Pepe believe him! Pepe die after this flick!!

Then there Alan (PREHISTORIC WOMEN) Nixon and Richard (MISSILE TO THE MOON) Travis! Uncredited writer Orville H. Hampton go on to write ATOMIC SUBMARINE!! See, more crazy!!

And, would you know?.. Katherine Victor!, Jerry Warren's very own 'go to' girl here playing chauffer spider mama!! She bringing Dr. Leland Masterson to see mysterious genius, Dr. Aranya!

He greeted by Angelo Rossitto and Tarantella!

Then he watch Uncle Fester, Jackie (THE SPACE CHILDREN) Coogan give spider mama sensual massage and he starting to get creeped out!

Okay, but what make him really flip lid is... doctor show him big giant spider! So, he go all Looney Tunes and end up here, in loonie bin!.. C'mon, that just crazy!!

But, Leland slippery eel and escape prison and go out on town! He one cool dude!! Oh look, bartender actually passes gas onscreen!!

Leland look around and see beautiful doll with big dork!!

An'na one... An'na two... Hey, wake up!

Tarantella start big dance routine, sexy and silly at same time, best way! All guys captivated of course!.. Now who come to sit down at table too?! That right, George (Ro-Man in ROBOT MONSTER) Barrows, he looking for Leland and work for hospital.

Leland stand up and shoot Tarantella!

Dude not happy about that!!!

Moral of story... Bring booze!!

Sitting in woods with dwarfs and midgets is Dolores Fuller, wife of Ed Wood, Jr. and writer of songs for Elvis flicks and LPs!! She also star in GLEN OR GLENDA with Ed.

At end, Leland turn back to normal and get last laugh. He tell Grant and Doreen to split, then he blow the place up. Dr. Aranya die. Oh, look like big giant spider the same one in CAT WOMEN OF THE MOON amd MISSILE TO THE MOON!!.. See, one crazy flick!!!


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