Monday, September 8, 2008

ROCKET ATTACK U.S.A. - Unknown Musicians - "In A Russian Club" (1961)

Wow!! And I mean it!! Barry Mahon made three movies in 1961, a Dungeon fave, "The Dead One", "Pagan Island", and this film "Rocket Attack U.S.A.!" This one might just be the weirdest of the three, even the music credits only say "RFT Music Pub. Co."

Now why would Bakersfield born Barry Mahon write, direct, and produce a movie that was basically a strategically released cold war propaganda film, and then have to turn to making soft core porn for most of the rest of his career? It's not that difficult to understand when you know that Barry was a World War II fighter pilot for the British Royal Air Force before being shot down and taken prisoner. Not all P.O.W.'s go on to have glorious careers, but Barry was a very patriotic American, just the same, & I'm sure he thought this story needed to be told because he probably thought it was a very real threat, what was going on with Sputnik & ICBM's etc, but then, after that, it was probably psychologically, a whole hell of a lot easier, to just make cheesy little sex movies!

Here, John McKay waits in the little Russian club, not looking the least bit suspicious, but wondering what he's going to do after they finish this movie!

This "KACE" Klub has loads of entertainment with a rockin' band that plays all night long, and lovely dancers like this!!! I have to admit, the girl in the background, looks pretty bored, like she's seen this act a few times before!

I think that's the girl you're supposed to make kontact with John, and she's also the only one in the whole place paying any attention to you!

Oh, Great, bring on the dancing fire eater, this is turning into a regular Russian luau, and the band plays on with even more vigor!!

Is this place really worth guarding??

Well, I don't know what else you would want it to be!!!! Marge!! Get out the entrenching tool and the tequila, it's time to start working on the fallout shelter again!!!

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Greg Goodsell said...

It's all a dream! HA HA!

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