Wednesday, July 9, 2008

DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS - Tubby Hayes - "Give Me Love & More" (1965)

"Dr. Terror's House Of Horror's" is a 1965 Amicus production that consists of a series of short horror vignettes. Even though this film utilized the talents of Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Michael Gough, the part that shines includes lesser known talent!

It's a lucky day for all you jazz purists, because one of the small stories was about a jazz musician who decides to adapt some voodoo music into a modern jazz number. The results are quite interesting, to say the least!!! The man responsible for the musical segments in this part of the film was a cat named Tubby Hayes, who you can see here playing the sax. You can read more than I could ever tell you about Tubby by reading this bio Tubby Hayes: The Long Shadow Of The Little Giant by Simon Spillett. Be ready to be amazed by Tubby Hayes!!

The musical segments in this film are beyond compare, and here you are so lucky to hear Russ Henderson deliver some authentic Calypso music with "Everybody Got Fun"!!!

So Biff Baily's band gets a gig in the West Indies. A lot of the people there are wearing the same kind of jewelry and the band seems a bit out of place!

Biff, being the consummate musician treks into the jungle to write down some tab from the local musicians!

Seems like Biff, even though very naive and innocent, is in a lot of trouble!

Somehow Biff manages to live through the whole ordeal, and come back to the states and present his new tune!! Mr. Acker Bilk of "Stranger On The Shore" fame was scheduled to play the role of Biff Baily, but had a heart attack and was replaced by actor, acclaimed tap dancer and talented trumpet player Roy Castle!

Here's one last chance to see Tubby and Roy together!

The quintet plays the hot voodoo number and for some reason the wind kicks up from Hell!

"That was Voodoo, Man!!"

The music in in "Dr Terror's House Of Horrors" is a right off the top shelf, and without a doubt, in the top five jazz horror films of the 50's or 60's along with "Dementia" and "The Dead One." Get it!!!

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Greg Goodsell said...

Favorite line from an Amicus film: Sir Ralph Richardson as the Crypt Kee4per in TALES FROM THE CRYPT: "Who's next -- maybe you?"

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