Thursday, July 17, 2008

BACK FROM THE DEAD / Regal + Emirau 1957 / Music by Raoul Kraushaar & Dave Kahn

Raoul Kraushaar work on THE UNKNOWN TERROR (Already post here) and THE 30 FOOT BRIDE OF CANDY ROCK! But, best thing is conductor for INVADERS FROM MARS!! (Already post here) So, give big listen to... "You used to like it!"

It below Tabonga dignity to try understand such stupid flick! Here kinda what going on... What you hear is record on record player. Where you get such record in 1957 is anybloody guess!! So, Arthur playing it for his sister who come to stay with him and girlfriend, or wife, because!.. "You use to like it, remember!" What kind gurl like that?!!..

Okay, now guess what? Sister either get out of loonie bin or just get back from dead, not sure, but anyhow, she try relaxing on couch to recuperate from ordeal! But, no... Arthur want play that music for her?!!..

That only tip of iceberg why Tabonga want kick this flick's scrawny ass...

Man, Tabonga look boss driving convertible '57 Dodge!

Arthur girlfriend, or wife, get to sit in back!!

Later, sis get a little more interesting!

Cute doggie bark at sis...

So, she ready to even score!


Lady fascinated by big wood doorknocker!.. Something Tabonga know all about!.. Wood doorknocker..

Great part this old lady have!

OH!!.. NOW WHAT?!!

"I swear on a stack of pancakes!"


Anonymous said...

Man, you guys are far out!
This is the coolest ever daddy-o, I really dig your crazy pad, and the chicks are out-of-this-world, but that Tabonga cat, he's like... he's... AAAHHHHRRA!!

Another One bites the dust. You guys kill me - thanks!

Greg Goodsell said...

WOW! I saw this on late night TV and forgot that it ever existed! Is this the one with the cute twins in the doctor's office?

Monster Music

Monster Music
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