Friday, July 11, 2008

THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE - James Stevens/Philip Martell - "The End" (1967)

This is probably my favorite lobby card, just because it has all the right elements, including googly eyes, and it comes to you courtesy of

The spaceship in the living room routine is one of my favorites, what better place to hide an alien invasion! It could be happening in your neighbor's house right now!!

Robert Hutton is forever a fave around here, and every bit as cool and suave as 007 all the way! Give the cat a break, James Bond never had to deal with aliens from outer space!!

And what a gas of a cool car he drives, those aliens don't stand a chance!!!

You're only going to get one warning, never, ever trust anyone you know or have met whose name is Lee, they are absolutely, and without a doubt Aliens! You got your conspiracy theories, I got mine, you've been warned!!

The "Star Torture" room is unparalleled in film history, right up to, and including these guys, Adonis & Hercules, the alien door guards!

"They Came From Beyond Space" is another one of those movies we didn't quite give enough space the first time around back in October of last year, so here is the music from the "Ending Credits" of this Freddie Francis classic. There's some extra bonus stuff, but, it's kind of a reprise of the beginning, so what else is new? It's some stylish music from composer James Stevens and conductor Phillip Martell, and well worth another listen!! Stevens did some great work in the movies, Martell's career is legendary! Dig in kids!!!


Flickhead said...

Yikes! I remember seeing this at a fifty-cent Saturday matinee show at my local theater, playing back-to-back with "The Terrornauts"!!!!!

Phil Turk said...

Thanks for your kind words! Your site is spectacular and I'm honored to have a place on your blogroll.

rodan! said...

I had the paperback novel the movie is based on, THE GODS HATE KANSAS.

Greg Goodsell said...

According to some high falutin' movie critics, this flick is only narrowly elbowed out by The BODY STEALERS as THE worst British science-fiction film of all time!

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