Friday, July 4, 2008

COSMIC RAY - A Film By Bruce Conner - Ray Charles - "What'd I Say?" (1962)

So, let's flaunt our independence and end this wacky week of cosmic capers with some classic music from a little known short film from 1962 by artist/beatnik/filmmaker Bruce Conner called "Cosmic Ray." It's a 4 minute collage of nudes, cartoons, dancing girls and bombs utilizing the music of one of Ray Charles' most memorable songs, "What'd I Say"!!! Bruce Conner went on to work with such musical notables as David Byrne, Eno and Devo, and is still alive and kicking today!! His films have been an inspiration to many an aspiring filmmaker searching outside the box for ideas!!

From 1978, here's Devo's - "Mongoloid" A Film By Bruce Conner!!!
Thanx to whoever put this video on YouTube! It's a blast!!

Not to be outdone, concept musician Cosmic Ray released his self-produced 12" single "We'll Be Together" in 1986. It's a crazy ass song written and sung by Cosmic Ray himself and driven by some killer guitar work by Steve Fister and some cool sax by Kerry Campbell! The band was rounded out with Mark Anthony on bass, Greg Bell playing rhythm, Terry Murphy on keys and Lita Davis doing the background vocals!! Happy happy!! Three decades of Cosmic Rays!!

As an addenda, sadly Bruce Conner passed away four days after this was written!!


Greg Goodsell said...

WOW! And here I thought I had seen every scrap of film related to Devo!

gary wray said...

Hey, I'm a cosmic Wray, too!

Alex said...

Sad news...

Thought I'd spread the word...

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