Friday, April 23, 2021

COLONEL HEEZA LIAR AT THE BAT / J. R. Bray Studios - 1915

So, here's one from one hundred six years ago by one of the pioneers in the new medium, cartoons, the J. R. Bray Studios located in New York City.

The story starts with Colonel Heeza Liar heading out to the baseball game, but of course his auto is giving him problems getting started.

To make up for lost time, he plows through a traffic cop at an intersection.

And what the heck, might as well knock this guy holding a barrel over too, you need to get to that baseball game pronto!

I guess baseball in 1915 had different rules than they do today. Love the term, cuss.

I don't know what else to add, sez it all...

The little guy is up, the pitcher throws the ball and the catcher leans forward and catches it before it reaches Heeza.

The umpire calls a strike and gets knocked out of the stadium when Heeza punches him after the call is made. But, he's back in the next scene.

Heeza bunts and outruns the ball as it's tossed from base to base trying to catch him. I still don't know where him being a Liar comes into play!

So that I don't have to say it...

Heeza lets the first two balls let pass by as strikes, then on the third pitch, he knocks the ball high into the air and it lands in a pelican's mouth, and it flies away. Heeza runs around the bases three times before he stops.

And, he has won the day, adored by his avid fans!!.. Huh?

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