Wednesday, April 7, 2021

MONSTROUS MOVIE MUSIC - "Go There and Buy Stuff" (2021)

Here's a different kind of Weird Wednesday for anybody who is truly a fan of 1950's and 60's monster movie music like we are. I just recently found out about this place call "Monstrous Movie Music," and it really is a fascinating site to visit. What you'll find there are soundtracks and compilation CD's from some of the most interesting films ever made.

Everything here is done up in unsurpassed museum quality, from the artwork to the remastered music by brilliant composers like Ferde Grofé, Nicholas Carras, and Gerald Fried etc, and if not remastered, the music has been re-created to the highest standards!

To quote the site directly..............."Our re-recordings were conducted by Masatoshi Mitsumoto leading the Radio Symphony Orchestras of Cracow and Slovakia in vibrantly-authentic performances that have been faithfully restored by music expert Kathleen Mayne.  Our original soundtrack releases are made from the best surviving music elements -- often from the composers’ own private tapes -- remastered to bring out all the excitement of the music.  Our striking covers were painted by renowned horror artist Robert Aragon and legendary science fiction illustrator Vincent DiFate"
I dig the cover of this "The Brain From Planet Arous" CD by Robert Aragon the most, and it even looks cooler when you're holding it in your hands! 
 Although monster movies are the main focus, you'll also find forgotten soundtrack music from some Western films, and one I particularly like that's full of teen angst pictured here called "Juvenile Jive."
If you have any doubts, go check out some of the audio samples, and take my word that the packaging is of the same high quality standards as the music!!
This is fun and completely unique stuff! Go on, indulge yourself!


B McMolo said...

How fantastic is that site - thanks for the heads-up!

EEGAH!! said...

You're welcome. They really do a great job and sure deserve more traffic!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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