Friday, April 16, 2021

AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE / Mail Order Bride - 2002

I started watching Adult Swim from day one and watched it every night for almost twenty years, until we dumped our cable service. Aqua Teen Hunger Force was there to assault our senses with things never imagined before.

This episode takes place during Xmas, our gang's house is one piece of crap located in New Jersey and the boys have the worst decorations in the neighborhood... Or anywhere!

Frylock is checking out Meatwad's present wish list...

He's having a problem figuring out what the Hell it is Meatwad wants.

In the meantime, Shake and their next door neighbor Carl are working on their own Xmas present, and boy is it a whopper!

You see, Shake and Carl have ordered a mail order bride from Chechnya, and, a semi truck and trailer has just pulled up in front of Shake's house.

The bride-to-be is dropped off and of course Carl is the first one out to greet her.

Svetlana's reading the contract when Shake gets in her face and orders her to go cook something for him, he's starving!

Then Carl asks her to put some special clothes on he picked out for the occasion!

She runs into Carl's house and shuts the door. Carl thinks he's got it made until he discovers that the door's locked!

Carl tries to get over to his house on a ladder...

But, it collapses and Carl ends up with a broken neck. He yells at her, hey baby, look what I did just for you!

Svetlana immediately puts a board over the window.

So, Carl is out of the hospital and is still excited about getting married in the morning. That's some wild looking head gear he's sporting.

So, night falls and it's a short wait for Shake and Carl's wedding day to begin.

The wedding's at Carl's house, Svetlana wants to have the ceremony take place in separate rooms, and with the door locked.

The ceremony is just ending when Svetlana burns rubber in Carl's car to get the Hell away from those guys as quickly as possible!

Carl paid a DJ for the celebration and he's not going to waste his money. That's George Lowe playing himself, you'll remember him as the voice of Space Ghost in SPACE GHOST, COAST TO COAST.

As usual, Carl and the boys get burned, bad. The only one that's having a good time is Meatwad!

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Randall Landers said...

I love the episodes where Master Shake gets killed, usually as a result of his own idiocy. :)

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