Monday, April 12, 2021

BEANY AND CECIL In "The 7th Voyage Of Singood" - 1962

The clock on the wall sez it's time for a Beany And Cecil cartoon, here at The Dungeon! This is one of the later titles near the end of production, and, it's just strange, maybe they were running out of ideas, which is a good possibility.

Remember some of the other maps Cap'n Huffenpuff had, many locations with those 'pun-ee' names. Well, you won't find that here.

Cap'n and the boys are on their way to Ash Canistan (whoa) to cash in their empty bottles (is that a weird thing to be doing or what) for the deposits (weird).

Then, out of nowhere in his ship, DJ playing Singood corners Cecil and busts a tennis racquet over his head, just for starters.

But when Cecil fights back, DJ resorts to releasing Greeny The Seasick Genie!

When you watch Greeny go through his paces, I'm convinced that he's drunk, not seasick.. He's having too much fun!! And he hiccups like a mofo, c'mon!

DJ orders Greeny to make a wall for the gang to run into, but DJ runs into it instead... I don't get it. Anyway, the little genie is starting to get on DJ's nerves.

Cecil fights back with cannon balls but Greeny keeps turning them into fruit and eating them. Again, what the Hell, man.

DJ wants to plant a bomb on the Leakin' Lena so Greeny fixes him up with a diving suit, using another wish.

It doesn't go well for DJ...

I can't remember what slang term DJ uses but he ends up naked in a bucket of water. 

This one's easy, DJ says.. Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!

Finally, looks like DJ mentioned something about being tied up in a knot and he's captured by Cap'n Huffenpuff and the boys.

DJ summons Greeny and tells him... You know where you can go!!

So, DJ ends up where he belongs, and guess what?!.. That was his last wish!!!

Beany asks Cecil where DJ and Greeny went. Cecil says... The devil if I know!

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