Friday, November 20, 2020

SURPRISE! / Frank Dietz: Monster Kid Home Movies - 1975

It's another Friday around here and that means, time for another Monster Kid Home Movie... This time, a couple are walking in the hills and get a big surprise! And compared to other MKHM contributors, this one stands out, even at 2 minutes and 19 seconds.

We start with an arty shot of two teens descending a slope, I guess just out for a walk.

They slip and slide down the hill while she leads the way.

Then we get a nice long shot as they reach the bottom.

Could you guys hurry it up! This thing's just a little over two minutes long!!

Phew!.. Okay so, like, whoa! What the Hell's that?! I'm getting an EQUINOX vibe here, and the huge thing don't seem exactly, friendly!! Looks like it has a giant bath towel draped over its shoulder, pretty funny.

A close up shows a very cool cyclops monster, not bad, and, the animation is very well done to boot. They get an A...

Oh God!.. It's looking right at us!!

I guess to show rage, they use an orange filter on this shot. Unlike most of the shorts in MKHM, this one has been edited.

The next thing you know is, it has grabbed the squirming boy and smashes him into a boulder! It looks like Mr. Bill getting squished with everything rolling together.

Then you think it's going after the girl, but...

She just calmly walks away and back to wherever.

And she walks through a snow patch as the feature quickly cuts - Das Ende - Join us again tomorrow when we'll bring you even more crazy stuff, here at The Dungeon!!..

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