Monday, November 16, 2020


Here's the second movie starring Blue Demon. He teams up with a professor to go up against a mad scientist who is turning himself into a freaking werewolf!

Along with Blue Demon, this one also stars two horror heavies, Jaime Fernandez and my fave, Fernando Oses. Jaime had 183 acting credits including playing the guy that turned into that freak thing in RETURN OF THE MONSTER in 1959 and was in another Blue Demon flick, BLUE DEMON vs. SATANIC POWER in 1966. Fernando played the guy with a snake for a hand in HELLISH SPIDERS in 1968. We made a short like in 2002 called SNAKE BAIT where Eegah!! and I both had snakes for hands, we had never seen HS. Fernando usually played a wrestler or tough guy in a ton of my favorite Mex horror movies.

So, we start with the werewolf, (too bad he doesn't look like the one on the poster!) he's out looking for someone to kill and satisfy that primal urge. He finds a couple in the woods and doubles his satisfaction!

At the morgue, Blue Demon's professor friend is examining the two bodies, and has an idea about what had happened to them...

Blue Demon shows up at the professor's house and they go to the castle of Prof. Carral, who is believed to be involved in the murders. This framed mask has an extra pair of eyes!

As they wander through the place, a bat dive bombs them. The professor aims his rifle (that he made sure to bring) and fires a shot, killing the pest! They leave and go home.

Then at the arena, Blue Demon gets his hand raised yet again, after kicking another guy's ass!

Back at the castle, Carral is getting another injection ready. His helper has trepidation since he has to handle the boss when he's a werewolf, and it ain't fun!

Sometimes, Carral has to be put in a cage to contain his rage.

Here's a pretty cool shot of the castle at night.

So anyway, Blue Demon and the professor go back to the castle to end the madness. First they see a skeleton with clothes on, then the devilish book that has inspired Carral.

While Blue Demon explores the lower levels of the castle, the professor reads some of the information in the book. The helper catches the professor there and locks him up in the basement.

Well, the werewolf is on the loose and Blue Demon is hot on his trail. They rumble and our hero tosses him off a small cliff and into a pit.

As the monster writhes in pain, a group of villagers come to the edge of the pit and start filling him full of lead. His girl, even though he tried to kill her, mourns over his dead body.

Everyone goes down into the pit to say goodbye, Blue Demon leaves and has to wander his way back through the woods... The End - We're back Wednesday, hope the world will still be around, join us then!

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