Wednesday, November 11, 2020

SHERLOCK - "A Study in Pink" X 2 (2010)

For those who feel so inclined, here's a fun thing you can do, and that is watch the 'unaired' pilot for "Sherlock," and then watch the first episode, because it's the same story, but different! 
I think you'll see it makes for a pretty Weird Wednesday!

The top and very plain title card is for the unaired pilot of "Sherlock," and the scenic one is the one from the first episode.

The story title card from the pilot is pretty boring as compared to..................

.............This one from the first episode that is much more enticing and intriguing!

Today is Veteran's Day so it's fitting to have a story about a wounded soldier returning from an ugly war!

I guess the top picture from Dr. Watson's Blog was just too simple for the producers or whoever it was calling the shots!

In the pilot episode the Psychologist's office is smaller, and then they decided to not only enlarge the room but they also reversed the positions of Dr. Watson and his Shrink named Ella! 

Tanya (Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker) Moodie plays Ella in both episodes but her appearance is quite different in the two.

Not so for the character of Sally Donovan, because in the pilot, Sally is played by Zawe (Velvet Buzzsaw) Ashton, but....

.............In the first episode, for some reason Zawe was replaced and Sally is now played by Vinette (Say Your Prayers) Robinson.

The pilot of "Sherlock" is only 55 minutes long, but the first episode is 88 minutes long, so they did use some of the same footage, like this shot, and they added characters like Sherlock's brother Mycroft who goes on to be one of the main characters in later episodes.

I think this one got to me the most, this pink bag just wasn't good enough!

Can you imagine being the person who decided that the first pink bag just didn't cut the mustard, and didn't deserve the job? I guess somebody has to be that anal retentive!

The pilot features Joseph (Dr. Who) Long as the cafe owner named Angelo.............

.......But in the first episode, Angelo was switched to Stanley Townsend, who among his 136 credits has done a virtual ton of voices for video games.

Well there's more than one, but here's at least one constant, the über-creepy cabdriver as played by Phil (Alien³) Davis!
Watch them back to back if you're stuck at home and killing time is killing you, it's an excellent way to go!

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