Wednesday, November 18, 2020

SPACE SHERIFF GAVAN - "The Movie" (2012)

Seems like a good time for a WTF!? Wednesday down in The Dungeon, and for me at least, "Space Sheriff Gavan" is about as WTF!? as it gets unless you're a Japanese kid, and then it all probably makes perfectly good sense.

The heroes here are Space Pirates, and I have to admit, I can't tell a Space Pirate from a Power Ranger, but I'm sure there are massive differences if you're informed about this stuff. but since I'm not, it's just one giant action adventure to me, and if you're going to have action, it might as well be 100% outlandish!

The Space Pirates have been falsely accused of doing nefarious deeds, and the authorities have sent Space Sheriff Gavan to round them up, and bring them in to justice.

Space Sheriff Gavan is not pleased that Superintendent Weevil wants to execute the Pirates immediately for their supposed crimes.

It turns out that it's not Superintendent Weevil at all, but instead it's Ashuraada of the Zangyack impersonating him, and after Space Sheriff Gavan frees the kids, Ashuraada shows his true dirty rotten bastard colours!

After one of the what seems like hundreds of battles, Ashuraada whisks the Sheriff off to the Makuu dimension, and the Pirates have no choice but to follow since he saved their lives!

The Makuu Dimension is a pretty cool looking place, but it's really evil as can be!

That's the Makuu Prison up on the hill.
Merriam-Webster defines clamoring as "to become loudly insistent," and that's why I love sub-titles!

There's a bunch of freaks in the prison, and I wanted to show more, but this is one of the scarier ones!

Oh, and the one that wants to lick this Pirate girl! 
What the hey, I thought this was kind of a kid's show!

I forget what the deal was with this character, but it was something really weird!

The Space Pirates are pretty badass!
And so it goes, without getting into a lot of unnecessary extra details!

They busted Sheriff Gavan out of prison, but now Ashuraada and his minions have returned to our dimension to take care of business!

Nice portrait of the Space Pirates!

For all you pyromaniacs, there is definitely no shortage of explosions! 

Freakin' Ashuraada just refuses to give in! Dude's got a real problem!
So, how do you like those kinky drillbomb shoulder pads?

Ole Ashuraada has got even more tricks up his multiple sleeves!

Six arms is just never enough when you want to swallow up the whole universe! 
Man, I don't know about you, but I'm sure glad we've got these Space Pirates watching out for us!

No, not really, until you blow him to kingdom come!!

So cool, and entertaining too!

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