Monday, November 23, 2020

ME FICKLE GOYL, OLIVE OYL: The World's Least Likely Sex Symbol

Here's how it goes around here sometimes... So, last night I decided to do the last Dracula movie we have yet to do from the Universal Legacy collection, SON OF DRACULA. Notorious for this type of thing in the 5 or 6 Legacy sets, the movie froze up 5 minutes into the story! Well, at least it didn't freeze up like an hour into it!! I decided to do an Ultraman episode this morning so started getting the stills, over half way through that, something looked very familiar and I checked our master list and sure enough, I already did it!!! WTF! (part of dealing with over 3000 posts) I then decided on a cartoon, Popeye looked good. As I was choosing a title, I noticed this thing as an added feature, and here we are!.. It was put together with a few current animators commenting on the scenes.

Oh, howdy boys, just gimme a minute here while I powder my nose!

So, do you like what you see?!..

Olive's like a delicate feminine tooth pick! And of course, she belly flops after displaying a ballet like grace as she approaches the dive!

She was also rubbery as Hell. Remember all the times she was stretched to her limits, she gave Plastic Man a run for his money!

And how can you forget those size 12 feet of hers, she even uses them while sewing!

Here she is as an Indian princess, both Popeye and Bluto gots the hots for her!

At the beach, a body builder eyeballs Olive standing there. He visualizes her body to be that of shapely gal but her actual body says otherwise! And, the girl's a sucker for muscle men.

My favorite part is when they showed this Popeye comic strip (or comic book) where he meets Olive for the first time. She has stowed away on the ship Popeye just started working on, and Olive doesn't like him at all. I just looked up 'scupper' and it's a hole in the ship's side for draining water from the deck!

And, she tells him exactly what's on her mind!

But, by the end of the story, Popeye has captured her heart and the relationship begins.

Big muscles were frequently the cause of a lot of strife between Popeye and Olive throughout the years.

But, there were times when Olive was on the receiving end of jealousy, like when they were at the gym and the shapely female instructor flirts with Popeye.

Olive gets a head of steam and knocks out the instructor and then lays out Popeye for his part in the deal.

Olive gives us one last song where she shrieks out a high note for our pleasure.

And, goodbye from one of our favorite gals in cartoons! We'll be back Wednesday for more cool junk for you to chew on, here at The Dungeon!!..

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