Friday, May 15, 2020

THE THREE STOOGES / "Pop Goes The Easel" - 1935

Okay then, let's get this road on the show!! Here's one us kids used to love, it starts with the Stooges out trying to drum up work for themselves...

Larry's sign says he'd like the job of Bridge (the card game) instructor, but when a man drives up in his car and asks him a questions about holding the queen, Larry says to make sure the king isn't around!

Curly tells a man that he hasn't eaten in three days! The guy tells him, don't worry, it still tastes the same, then laughs his ass off as he leaves with his brat kid with a double scoop ice cream cone!

Yeah, Moe strikes out too, mainly because he's a social misfit...

After the boys rile up a shop owner who yells for the police, a plain clothes cop chases them into a building. They duck into an art class where they find some clothes hanging there and pretend to be artists. The cop leaves but is still looking for them.

Curly shows off his artist chops by posing this girlie upside down, and, she's totally game! You know, those crazy art types are lots of fun, and possible geniuses!

The boys are getting ready to paint, Larry has two brushes because he's in a hurry. Moe has his brush that can get around corners. They end up painting the floor, and of course, paint themselves into a corner!!

You never know when the cop could pop in, this time the boys are dressed up as ballerina babes, and the cop gets all hot and bothered... YOW!!

Well, it's back to work as artists... The boys are being creative, Larry chucks balls of clay at a canvas as Moe and Curly direct him!

Everything's cool until Larry hits Moe in the head with a misguided ball of goo. It's not long before the boys are all fighting with each other, then one hunk of clay hits the model in the face and it becomes a free for all with the whole art class!..

The cop pops in one last time only to be hit in the face with some clay, and then has a giant vase fall off its shelf and bust into pieces on the top of the head!

The model also gets a big pile of clay tossed onto her chest, and why not?

It's a MADHOUSE!!.. Ricky!

This guy has been hit so many time, he just sits there and takes it like a man!

Moe stops the action and asks.. Hey, who started this fight anyway? Everyone answers.. You did!.. That's all folks, tune in tomorrow for more wild action, here at The Dungeon!! Be there or be a trapezoid.


EG-Markus said...

Painter: "I am an ar-tiste."
Larry: "I too am an ar-tiste."
Curly: "Ah. A pair of drawers."

K said...

That's why the Three Stooges are so phantastick!!

They're good for what OILS ya! Get it? OILS ya...

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