Friday, May 22, 2020


Well, hello der!.. Here's a Mexican horror flick that was dubbed in English for American TV, it's about the Cagliostro family that has tried for generations to rid the world of vampires. Count Cagliostro instructs hid daughter and others in a method he's developed to accomplish their goal, ridding the world of vampires once and for all...

This one has a memorable vampire bad guy, Carlos (139 acting credits) Agostí plays Count Siegfried von Frankenhausen to the hilt, a sadistic fiend to be sure. His equally sadistic helper, Frau Hildegarde, is played by Bertha (the Frau is back in THE INVASION OF THE VAMPIRES) Moss and our heroine is played by Begoña (SANTO vs. THE KING OF CRIME) Palacios.

Count Frankenhausen and Frau Hildegarde watch as the count's mysterious carriage pulls up after a trip through the countryside.

This is the driver of the carriage, he don't take no lip from the passengers!

And to prove he's a bad ass, here's the Count when he's thirsty, for blood!!

On the good side of town though, Count Cagliostro is lecturing family and friends and giving a demonstration with his invention that will neutralize vampire blood...

Count Cagliostro's daughter Ines and her doctor fiance decide to get inside Frankenhausen's creepy place to really see what's going on there. She poses as a maid, and she gets the job, but, the first thing she has to do is take that damn cross off!

Ines is in her room changing at the count's mansion (where she now stays) when someone outside the door turns the knob back and forth, then leaves. The door knob fascinates me.

Here's what a typical Vampire Alter looks like, the can's just to the left there..

Somewhere along the line, the loyal Hildegarde has displeased the Count, and after choking her, he's ready to beat her with a lethal weapon, I assume from the dark ages.

On their way to the next crime against all that is good and godly, the Count and Hildegarde pass by a skeleton still bound to a torture wheel.

In order to save Ines, the good guys have to pass through corridors of huge spider webs!

Just as the Count is ready to bite Ines, her father and fiance enter the room, and she is saved!

The Count fights back, he changes into a giant bat and harasses the two men. Alas, her father dies saving Ines and her fiance. Also, the Count is back a year later in THE INVASION OF THE VAMPIRES! There you go kids, your Spanish lesson for the day, you can go do your thing now, we'll see you all tomorrow, here at The Dungeon!!..

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K said...

Dang, how I love the look of anything in contrasty black and white!!!

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