Monday, May 18, 2020

WEREWOLF OF LONDON / Beware The Stalking Being - Half-Human - Half-Beast! - 1935

It seems incredulous to me that in all the years we've been doing this, that we haven't done WEREWOLF OF LONDON until now. It's not even in the Wolf Man Legacy Collection for obvious reasons, you can find it on a double bill on DVD with SHE-WOLF OF LONDON. The story goes like this... So, while on a botanical expedition in Tibet, Dr. Wilfred Glendon is attacked by some strange animal one night. After returning to London, he finds himself turning into a werewolf and terrorizing the city, and the only hope for curing his affliction is the rare Asian flower he brought back with him.

I remember seeing this one on late night TV in the late fifties, I liked it but I always lost interest after a while.

Classy title card! It stars Henry (MASTER OF THE WORLD) Hull, Warner (CHARLIE CHAN IN LONDON) Oland, Valerie (BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN) Hobson, Lester (214 Acting Credits!) Matthews and Spring (DECEMBER BRIDE) Byington. Warner was born and died in Sweden.

It all starts in Tibet, Dr. Glendon is being stalked by a weird looking animal while out searching for an illusive plant in the mountains. After locating the flower, he's attacked and his arm is scratched by the animal before it escapes into the dark!

He takes the plant back with him to his lab in London where he bathes it in artificial Moonlight, an invention of his.

The British Botanical Association adores Dr. Glendon and his bizarre flesh-eating plants!

Oh yeah, Dr. Glendon has his faithful assistant to assist (ha ha) him with his work.

Then it happens, the artificial Moonlight causes the doctor's hands to transform while handling the plant. He uses a freshly cut flower stem to bring things back to normal... Now he knows he's a werewolf, that's what attacked him in the mountains!

I was working in the lab one night, when the Moonlight turned me, into a Fright!..

This is what the doc looks like when he's avoiding the police, he rents a room during the full Moons from an old lady (Mrs. Whack) and asks her, what if he said there were such things as real werewolves?!.. She answers, I'd tell 'em I'm Little Red Riding Hood!

Well,,. He easily escapes from his room (causing old women to faint) and almost gets his paws on this damsel sitting there, whose boyfriend just left. She sees him in her compact mirror and screams bloody murder as she runs away.

So, he secretly hides in a tower at his place, thinking it would contain him, but he simply bends the bars on the window and escapes!

He finds his wife with another man. As he's ready to do his wife in, her friend conks the doctor on the head, knocking him out.

By now everyone knows the doc's a werewolf, and he's desperate for a cure...

Dr. Yogami sneaks into the lab and when the doc's back is turned, Yogami uses the flower's liquid. You see, Dr Yogami is the one that attacked Glendon in the mountains of Tibet. Glendon also finds out that there is no cure, , the flower is good only for a temporary fix...

The police arrive and the doc is shot, and actually dies, he apologizes to his wife before the end though. Of course he turns back into his human form for the audience to mourn over.

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K said...

Is the babe with the little makeup mirror Spring Byington? I haven't seen this movie in so many years, I'd forgotten it completely. All I know Spring Byington from is an episode of Dennis the Menace, and the 1954 movie THE ROCKET MAN!

EEGAH!! said...

I don't remember the show "December Bride," but I do remember the names of the two female leads because they were so unique, Spring Byington and Verna Felton!

K said...

"Verna Felton" sounds like a type of fabric! Or something...

TABONGA! said...

Leave it to Tabonga, no, I didn't include a picture of Spring Byington from the movie...

K said...

No, es no problemo, Mr. Tabonga! I just recall seeing her a couple of times and thought that might be her. I will watch ROCKET MAN (starring George "Foghorn" Winslow) soon, to get Spring "sprung" in my memory banks! :)

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