Sunday, July 17, 2016

SPACE: 1999 / Mission Of The Darians - 1975

Here's another great series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. This episode has the Moon Base moving to within range of a humongous ship that is 20 kilometers long! Because the ship is emitting a distress signal, Koenig orders an Eagle to go investigate and find the inhabitants, the Darians, have a very distinctive class separation.

So, a huge spacecraft is hovering near the Moon Base and the gang have to come up with a plan, it looks like they will investigate...

Here are two close-ups of the giant ship, it has tons of architectural elements! When I worked for the special effects studio Wonder Works in the nineties, they had this thing called the Greeble Room. It had drawers full of thousands of different small random resin pieces that could be mixed or matched for model building. Those pieces are known as "greebles" in the film industry!.. Greebles, baby!

Okay, sucker, where'd you put the damn staples?!

Hey, it looks like Commander Koenig has a very sexy visitor!

Commander Koenig, Joan Collins... Joan Collins, Commander Koenig!

Well, hello der!!

They threw in this FORBIDDEN PLANET looking walk way to the stars.

Joan plays Kara, here she is with Petros, High Priest. They are not very nice people.

Barbara Bain is kidnapped and thrown in with the underclass, where, she is chosen to be sacrificed to the star gods! Or, something.

I volunteered for this job but they ordered me to get the Hell off the set!!

Everything turns out great at the end! Check out Petros there with his head crashed through the display panel... Hurray!! Check in again Wednesday for more cool junk!


Dr. Theda said...

except for some of my old Starlog , Never see anything on this scifi series... Great post , guys...

TABONGA! said...

Hi Doc - I have a few more episodes including the one with the giant cyclops creature that eats the drew members - have a great week!

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