Monday, July 11, 2016

SCANNERS / Canadian Film Development Corporation - 1981

Welp, here we go wif' another week of mayhem, here at The Dungeon!.. This is a movie by writer/director, David Cronenberg, VIDEODROME will be his next production. This story's about Darryl Revok, the most powerful of all the scanners is the head of the underground scanner movement for world domination! Scanners have awesome psychic power, strong enough to control minds and can inflict enormous pain and damage on their victims. Then, doctor Paul Ruth finds a scanner that Revok hasn't converted to their cause yet. He wants to use him to destroy the underground movement...

Here's our hero scanner, Cameron Vale, played by Stephen Lack. Unfortunately, he uses his power to torture this old biddy after he hears her talking trash about him at the food court.

He tries to get away but is sedated by some darts shot by some dudes chasing him! When he wakes up, he's strapped to a bed in an asylum... Having any fun yet?

A little later, Revok, played by the great Michael Ironside, uses his mind to blow this dude's head to pieces in front of the audience at a forum about mind control. The cops take him away, but, he escapes from the situation using his mental powers!

Here's the group of people trying to find a way to put the scanners out of business.

Cameron pays a visit to an artist to find out some info on the scanners. it doesn't end well when three of the bad guys show up and blow the place into pieces. But, Cameron uses his powers to kill the three of them, tot! That big head is interesting, the back side is open and there's a lounge area inside!

Heeey everbloody, join in... Do the scanner stomp... Do the scanner stomp, baby!

Revok fills Cameron in on his devious plan, lacing a health drink with scanner juice! Yeah, and, it's even good for babies, yow!

Well, that starts a big fight between good and evil, looks like it's gonna be pretty grim!

Things build to a crescendo before all Hell breaks loose...

It looks like Cameron has lost the battle and evil has won the day, but... He switches bodies with Revok and the tables are turned on the head scanner, game over, man.. Hurray!!

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