Friday, July 8, 2016

COLOR ME BLOOD RED / Box Office Spectaculars - 1965

In order to fill in blanks of as many different movies as possible for our site, well, sometimes we have to get down in the blood, gore and gristle, like with our little vintage blood soaked offering today. The story's all about an eccentric artist who's panned by a well-known critic at his opening for not having a good color sense, so, he starts a new series using his own blood to paint. But, he's weakened from the blood loss and must find other sources of blood to continue his paintings! Makes me think of A BUCKET OF BLOOD.

I thought it'd be funny to use a b/w poster, then hit you with this very cool color title card!

The good old Farnsworth Galleries is where the drama begins. I love it when old folks dig abstract art, one of my fortes.

Here's our artistic maniac, Adam Sorg. After receiving blistering criticism for his crappy use of color, he decides to experiment with his own blood to give it some punch!

This is how I feel after a long day of art!!

Adam figures out a way to get some blood other than his own, so, he murders this model and drains her blood for use on his unfinished piece!.

Then, he gets high praise for his effort, now he's a genius, go figure!

What the Hell?!!..

His next piece is also a big hit, so, time for another bloody masterpiece, right?

Adam has a few demons that run the show now, you can see them at work in this close up.

If you're totally insane like Adam, an ax might seem like a good art tool to create some bright blood red pigment!! EC Comic's artist, Ghastly, hated the color red!

Anyway, Adam gets a shotgun blast to the face for his effort and goes down for the count!.. Hurray!! Check in tomorrow for more from... The Dungeon!

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