Saturday, July 2, 2016


 We've been doing this for quite a while, and you probably wouldn't believe what we have had to do to track down all the titles we've done. Just for example, one time we had to take a cruise to the Philippines to meet a one legged transvestite midget in the alley behind a dive bar called "El Chupacabra, just to buy a couple of Eddie Romero bootlegs! I got drunk, threw up, and then threw some dude in the pool, and Tabonga almost got skewered!
It was kind of wild!
 But despite all that bullshit, there continue to be elusive films out there! My list used to be a lot longer, but as the years have passed, more and more stuff becomes available, some times daily. Between the Internet Archive, YouTube, and even Amazon Prime, it's truly amazing what's available, and what still remains to be found! So here are seven titles I've been seeking for seven years or more. I have not checked any availability lately, but something tells me, there are not too many copies of these films out there. If you know different, please let us know, because we just might be ready for another trip one of these days!

# 1 on this list is a film made in 1964 by Andy Warhol titled "Batman Dracula!" 
These two awesome photos of Velvet Underground chanteuse Nico as Batman, and Andy as Robin, were from an unrelated 1967 Esquire magazine shoot!

 # 2 is "Batwoman and Robin Meet The Queen Of The Vampires," a 1972 film from the Philippines!
In the meantime, Pancit and Lumpia will just have to do!

# 3 is "Bongo Wolf's Revenge," a 1970 film about this eccentric L.A. artiste named Bongo Wolf, as seen in the above photo in his later days! The music is by The Electric Flag's guitar player extraordinaire Mike Bloomfield, and there is also an appearance by the great P.J. Proby!
What's not to like, and I can't find a copy!!

# 4 is "Carolina Cannonball" made in 1955! In the 50's, Judy Canova was one of my favourite comedians, right up there with Lucille Ball, and Gale Storm! But Judy was different, she was like a hillbilly female Jerry Lewis!
A ghost town train, spies, a missing atomic missile, and country bumpkins! What more could you ask for, except to see it?

# 5 is "The Ugly Duckling," a 1959 Hammer comedy! I'm sure it's probably pretty terrible, but it's a Jekyll and Hyde comedy, so it's still intriguing as Hell!

# 6 is "Qué Lindo Cha Cha Cha," aka "What a Lovely Cha Cha," an obscure Mexican horror musical from 1955 that's really difficult to locate!

And just to reiterate how important the Cha Cha was to American pop culture, here's an awesome pic of drag racer Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney's funny car dragster model box!

And here's a pic of Dungeon sweetheart Annette Funicello's 45 release that included "Luau Cha Cha Cha" on the flip side of her hit "Pineapple Princess!"

# 7 is probably the most obscure of them all, and I have serious doubts it even exists! It was supposedly made in 1972, and was called "The Curse Of The Moon Child!" It's supposed to star Adam (Batman, need I say more?) West, and Sherry Jackson, who as far as this site is concerned, had one of the coolest variety of careers of all time. She was Susie Kettle of Ma and Pa Kettle fame, she was Terry Williams on 133 episodes of the hit TV series "Make Room For Daddy" with Danny Thomas, she was Comfort Gatewood in the"Twilight Zone" episode called "The Last Rites Of  Jeff Myrtlewood," she was Andrea in the classic "StarTrek" episode titled "What Are Little Girls Made Of," and she was also in wild flicks like "The Monitors and "The Mini-Skirt Mob!" 
That's it kids! Any leads to any of these films will be greatly appreciated I guarantee!
Happy Independence Day!!! It's hot,and the world is a mess, but this is no time to "Meltdown!" 
Turn It Up Instead!!


Dr. Theda said...

Interesting and rather informative post, Guys...
a great Holiday weekend to you both... and, hello from Marshville

EEGAH!! said...

Right back at you Doc, and Thanx from Weirdsville!

Grant said...

I;m always glad to see any reference to "The Monitors." To me, it's extremely underrated.

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