Wednesday, April 6, 2016


 I was recently rummaging through some of my Father-In-Law's old papers the other day, and I stumbled on all these classic old Hollywood Photos. It looks to me like they were something they used to hand out at the theatre when you went to the movies! Anyway, I thought you'd like them!
The first one is of the beautifully stunning Linda Darnell! You can read a little bit more about Linda's tragic life in this post I did for the movie, "Hangover Square" starring Laird Cregar!

About half of them have biographies on the back!

  Surprisingly enough, even classy actors like Cary Grant show up on this site from time to time!

Gals like Alice Faye generally stayed away from movies that end up on sites like this!
Great photo just the same!

This would be the first time that Tyrone Power showed up on these pages too!

I love this sepia toned portrait of Carole Lombard with those red lips painted on!

The flyers without biographies on the back had advertisements for upcoming shows!
Adults 25 cents, Children 10 cents!

The only other time we had Clark Gable on this show was in this "Headless Horseman" cartoon!!

These ads are the best and include Boris Karloff in "Devil's Island," and "Son Of Frankenstein!"

Maybe some day, we'll get around to a movie that had Jeanette Macdonald in it!
In the meantime, you get this photo instead!

Twenty-Five bucks for free?? Wow, that would have got an adult into the movies 100 times or a kid 250 times!  That would be a little over $2000.00 today!
Pretty damn incredible!

On a completely unrelated subject:
Rest In Peace Merle!
We'll Miss Ya!!

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